An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1457.98 (4,529,782nd)
12,750 (11,417th)
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Title Δ
how do i calculate the average number in a list of number -0.46
PHP Standard Deviation. Array_map function not found inside class f... 0.00
Remove elements within nested array -1.13
PHP arrays replacement +1.05
Haskell tuple concatenation function definition issue -1.99
How to calculate the sum of a digits of a number in Scheme? +0.20
Haskell: Minimum sum of list +0.52
Performance comparison of two implementations of a primes filter -1.35
Manipulate a number algorithim +0.91
where does the `where` clause come in handy in Haskell +0.55
SQL to Filter on multiple dimensions with a many-to-many relationship +0.20
Trying to get my head around recursion in Haskell? -1.02
How Do I Sanitize JS eval Input? -0.42
Difference between == and = in Haskell +0.93
PHP Array Looping +0.05
Jquery inside foreach loop +0.34
Listing Items by Category in PHP -0.14
Mysql Join Query optimization -0.45
One liner to determine if dictionary values are all empty lists or... -0.51
how to use GO TO in COBOL +0.56
Modifying an integer in an array of integers -0.47
How to Think About a Relational Database on the Web +2.60
substring_index store to session -1.17
Unable to reverse lists in Python, getting "Nonetype" as... +1.90
Function gets printed twice +0.04
Programming In General - Binary Search Algorithms 0.00
Advice on python program +0.90
1MB worth of drop-down list data, needs to be downloaded and displa... -0.65
Possible PHP function to match two keywords without regex -0.17
JSON values into HTML table -0.45
searching for character with lowercase and uppercase +0.06
Complexity of a recursive algorithm! -0.47
SQL nested query -0.28
Updating a mysql table when clicking a link 0.00
Difference between if(isset($var)) and if($var) +0.94
PHP + jQuery + Ajax form submission - return results on the same page +0.57
How Can I Reduce "When" Statement in XSLT -1.60
How to call multiple AJAX functions (to PHP) without repeating code -0.15
uasort() ? - sorting posts from a bank account +0.07
modulus operator in C# +0.81
How to get the variable/const name programatically in PHP? +0.37
scheme expand function +0.26
Switch statement > possible to include multiple case matches in... +0.34
variable reassignment problem in JS, braking my head trying to unde... +2.51
Run python script from PHP in Linux safely -0.45
Print JS Variable in Form +0.55
How to create dropdown times listed change in php? +0.57
Python: Combine several nested lists into a dictionary -0.65
PHP Query to HTML radio buttons 0.00
array push problem +0.78