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1683.60 (212th)
397,586 (51st)
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Title Δ
Error handling in PHP with custom IDs and custom messages 0.00
Why doesn't my created DB show up when I doe show databases in... +0.65
Do we have a way to apply multiple format to numbers in Python 3.x? +0.28
Passing variable with == in php function 0.00
What's the best way to handle nested try/catch AttributeError c... -0.74
PDO returning empty for multiple condition 0.00
PHP Check if a number is in sequence but with one missing +0.30
PHP Avoiding globals in procedural programming +0.26
What to use instead of Exceptions when writing validation code? -0.26
What is the reason for encoding JWT? 0.00
Using some other name for init in python +0.27
Push into the first object inside an array -0.58
Python call callback after async function is done +0.95
Module pytz: UTC decrease instead of increase +1.01
Why I use JSON.stringify in safari and chrome to stringify a json g... 0.00
Add year/month/day to an UNIX timestamp with just hour/min/sec in p... 0.00
Force type conversion in python dataclass __init__ method +0.27
Python: How to reference an object from the any() iterable -0.81
Why is PHP assigning different timezones on certain dates when calc... 0.00
Why does 'return' end a function +0.26
Why there is no syntax fatal error in PHP with 2 pluses in a row? 0.00
Understanding the difference between import X and from X.Y import Z +1.67
Json encode Unicode Symbol in PHP array 0.00
Namespaces and extended classes 0.00
Create datetime object to use for comparison 0.00
Is this a insecure way to use prepared statements in a php class? 0.00
Python's getattr equivalent in my javascript code? 0.00
Problem in understanding datetime difference and invert 0.00
Hint to browser that login was incorrect 0.00
Confused about Python closures 0.00
Can I invent my own HTTP Status Code for when an entity is updated... -2.24
What is the exact use of closure? -1.67
How to check every input for isdigit -0.25
HTML Domain and Path -1.11
AWS S3 authenticated user access using presigned URLs? +1.06
How to convert datetime to different timezone? +0.26
Difference between STUN/TURN(coTURN) servers and Signaling servers... 0.00
Where does a returned function go if not stored somewhere? +0.48
Converting time format , string to float -0.24
What's the benefits of linting Javascript and Typescript applic... +1.07
PHP - is there a speed advantage for using ! instead of empty()? 0.00
Increasing understanding of the Python read() function +0.69
Static variable set to null and then if statement to check if that... -1.49
Why must instance variables be defined inside of methods? -0.49
How can i get the permanent IP +1.81
What is the difference between filter_var(FILTER_VALIDATE_INT) and... 0.00
Given a hostname how can one identify the right scheme for it? +0.32
PHP lack of 'undefined' type workaround +0.21
Why call interface properties statically and pass as parameters 0.00
Use python requests to write a curl command with parameters like -u... +0.26