An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1680.09 (228th)
260,606 (48th)
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Title Δ
Static variable set to null and then if statement to check if that... -1.48
Why must instance variables be defined inside of methods? -0.49
How can i get the permanent IP +1.84
What is the difference between filter_var(FILTER_VALIDATE_INT) and... 0.00
Given a hostname how can one identify the right scheme for it? +0.33
PHP lack of 'undefined' type workaround +0.21
Why call interface properties statically and pass as parameters 0.00
Use python requests to write a curl command with parameters like -u... +0.27
What is the keyword to use in javascript to get i18n translation us... 0.00
Greater or Smaller than in Python +0.54
Mysql 1 warning 0.00
Can a https request header be faked as a security threat? -0.25
PHP replace in foreach loop replace only last item from array list +0.55
How to avoid multiple computations within `map` callback? 0.00
PHP us a string variable as an argument for function 0.00
Disable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) if user did not accep... 0.00
When is localization (or lack of) a bad thing? -0.41
Random length HTML comment 0.00
How is UTF-8 safe relative to ASCII chars 0.00
what's the necessity of "else" in Python exception ha... -2.33
Extend the scope of a local variable into a global variable 0.00
OOP/PHP: Is it possible to have a default behaviour for every metho... 0.00
PHP - Wrap a variable block in the same try-catch 0.00
'Failed to Parse Time String' Error In My Function To Find... +0.26
Redundant keyword arguments 0.00
How to pass current scope to a function reference? -2.83
What does (binary) casting actually do and why it should not be rel... 0.00
how to fix circular dependency in TypeScript +0.25
Storing special characters in DB in such a way to display properly... 0.00
macOS Mojave version 10.14.1 bash-3.2 expr: syntax error 0.00
What are CSS vendor prefixes? 0.00
Initializing a class variable with array of class functions 0.00
How to ensure value masking happens immediately when input type = p... +1.09
PHP 5.5.9 support will end by december 0.00
Concatenation 2 variable PHP +0.54
Merging and array of arrays with the same keys 0.00
What equivalent "variable => array ('value')"... -0.24
How is the browser reading Global site tag JavaScript (gtag.js) 0.00
Are resampled images actually smaller in size than non-resampled im... 0.00
Timedelta method fails to work and states that datetime module does... -0.29
Understanding encoding schemes -0.67
Why doesn't this setInterval function clear immediately 0.00
How to update $scope variables through a function +0.25
Is it possible to change %s to variable when importing csv to mysql? 0.00
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE always showing english +0.26
Can others use fwrite to manipulate files in my domain? 0.00
Python: can we get the value from the dict or object like the ts? -1.75
Understanding console.log(console.log(object)) +0.80
Store image somewhere except database or file manager where i can g... 0.00
How to decompress the parameter tuple in map function invocation? 0.00