An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1462.29 (4,527,200th)
43,942 (2,434th)
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Title Δ
After setting change_state in class_init function, nothing else works 0.00
Run valgrind on cross compiled executable +0.55
Not able to Mock CDatabase Open function using google Mock 0.00
push_back to std::vector, the copy constructor is repeatedly called -0.96
Implementation of a generic factory design pattern +2.66
Safe handling of userspace pointers in a driver? 0.00
better approach to mocking functions that need to consume arguments... 0.00
How to use types generated by gdbus-codegen? 0.00
Injecting implementation from inherited CRTP to inherited interface... -0.03
How to use (GoogleMock) mock class as template paramter +0.47
GMock leaking memory 0.00
Issues in c++ compilation for embedded system -0.94
C++: Proxy to set/get array value with a complex conjugate -1.23
Make a simple makefile generic -0.59
Compiling an application for use in highly radioactive environments -0.33
Forward declaring opengl types +2.54
Is it valid to create an object inside the constructor of class? +2.73
Optimize ternary operator -0.68
Is it reasonable to use enums instead of #defines for compile-time... +0.58
what happens when I cast a glm::vec3* to a double*? 0.00
Google Mock - how to name mock functions? 0.00
Google mock - at least one of multiple expectations 0.00
C++ return std::pair<int *,int *>? +0.56
Is breaking circular dependency necessary in this case? 0.00
Google Mock, argument matcher using another argument 0.00
why is operator-> implemented by operator* in C++ STL library? 0.00
Where is kernel.h? 0.00
Need help google testing a unique Id generator +0.56
Any way to speed up this bit list code? +1.32
File listing and empty result with Qt -0.45
How do you specify a loop with TDD? -0.42
Get google test exception throw message 0.00
Where does TDD coves in the conventional software development appro... -0.44
Simultaneously multiply all struct-elements with a scalar -0.43
tdd - creating tests for 3rd party code -0.96
Call class function by signal&slot system +0.57
vec.erase(vec.end()); Legal? -0.14
C++11 Destructor = delete -1.75
How to test method in google test, using std::function? 0.00
How to write Unit test during development? +0.22
Should we test src code assertions (NOT exceptions) in C++ unit test? -2.15
gmock mock class does not inherit any classes +0.05
Passing an array of pointers and return an array of values pointed... +0.59
Should I initialize a shared_ptr inside or outside the class constr... -0.85
Metaprogramming with std::is_same -0.91
How to normalize sequence of numbers? -0.45
Strong typedef / Compiler-enforced Apps Hungarian in C++ +2.69
How to declare a std::map with enum as key and functions with varyi... -1.64
Named Shared Memory: shm_open not providing the correct location +1.53
Gtest: capture output but print it on failure +0.52