An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jiří Kantor

1493.73 (4,319,479th)
371 (347,154th)
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Title Δ
Java parse String into Query +0.07
Same line print in python -3.97
XPath: How to select all elements which have one attribute or another +0.06
How to read D3 node label text into a div/paragraph element? -2.09
Add filter within the perl script to remove unwanted lines from the... 0.00
Long paths in Python on Windows 0.00
File_size in Python 3 -0.70
Onclick button input does not work 0.00
How to parse tuple data in one line -0.03
How to send simple data from javascript to java application +3.98
Search in a multidimensional array and get an index -3.47
Is there a way to define the value of the index in an arraylist? +3.19
Python Dispatcher Definitions in a Function -3.31