An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1379.24 (4,409,263rd)
5,916 (27,529th)
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Title Δ
How can I tell which thread a COM object is associated with? (STA) 0.00
ASP.NET 2.0 System.AccessViolationException in Event Viewer 0.00
How to ouput API debug logs in a file ? (IIS) 0.00
Fixing memory leaks without changing values +0.17
How to load an DLL based on the Version? 0.00
Create dynamic library using MSVC command line +1.12
LoadLibrary in C -1.21
Using WinDbg on Windows 2008 running .NET 4.7.1 +2.95
strcpy()/strncpy() crashes on structure member with extra space whe... -0.89
CreateMutex with initialOwner set to TRUE makes the creator process... -1.35
Convert utf-8 chracters in a file to hex -0.97
windbg crash dump analysis, high cpu usage - -0.64
iocp socket close_wait status, how to fix it? 0.00
C++- Adding or subtracting '0' from a value -0.56
Host a COM server inside my process -0.97
PInvoke of C++ DLL works in Visual Studio Debugger but not standalone 0.00
Learning basic threading in c++ on visual studio 2008 0.00
libcurl returns CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT with # in file name -1.23
Can shared memory be written form different processes (services) in... -1.15
`PROCESSENTRY32W` in C#? -0.70
C# interop to lower level other than c\c++ 0.00
converting string to number in order to to compare them faster -0.37
What does isspace (ch & 0xff) mean? +2.75
How to debug a release-only bug, seems to be some type of random co... 0.00
What command I use to change file permission using ftps connection? 0.00
Finding Memory leaks in C with Visual Studio 2013 +0.15
C program hanging near strcmp -1.32
Get information or properties of COM objects 0.00
I/O Completion Port for small-scale, single-threaded applications? 0.00
Windows Service start error error 193 0xc1 after converted to VC201... 0.00
Locating Memory Leaks -0.26
Thales HSM 8000 A2 command sending (generate clear component) 0.00
Packing bools with bit field (C++) -1.76
C# COM object and CreateDispatch 0.00
Unable to find assembly with BinaryFormatter.Deserialize 0.00
Visual Studio 2010. C#. Changing a proyect, the Solution Builds cor... 0.00
How to toggle 1 bit and set 1 bit to 0 in assembly with only XOR,OR... +0.17
(Re)Starting a Windows Service from out of my C# code does not work 0.00
Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_PhysicalDisk Class 0.00
C++ String Size Error -0.67
How to create a debug log in C# -0.11
Debug implicitely linked DLL within unmanaged C++ 0.00
Winsock, get host ip on specific interface 0.00
Convert 0x1234 to 0x11223344 -0.06
Starting processes under specific credentials from a Windows service +0.64
Importation C++ dll in C# AccessViolationException +0.14
Importing singed C# dll into C++ project? +0.16
Memory Allocation for threads in C++ +0.72
C++ project using C# -0.56