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Steve K

1557.21 (5,997th)
4,412 (37,739th)
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Title Δ
NextJS error while trying to navigate to dynamic route 0.00
how to maintain history state by using react-router-dom among compo... 0.00
How to place <span overlay text vertically over an image? -0.11
How to add fade in animation for each word in text +0.41
Scroll image on hover - same speed for different image heights 0.00
Unwanted return to login when I refresh the page? 0.00
How do I code an upvote bar that stores the information and display... +1.13
How to bind action creator to component in redux thunk -0.09
Accessing Store's State in Redux From Within A Reducer Function -0.58
Saving the count on a react effect 0.00
Code block runs before api call gets a response +0.41
React Router first route with no menu or main layout 0.00
Is there a way to put a paypal script tag inside a button using rea... 0.00
useState in react hooks converting to functional component -0.11
Get element was clicked in react using ref 0.00
Align Dropdown with input in a responsive navbar 0.00
React : How to stop re-rendering component or making an API calls o... 0.00
ReduxThunk How do I pass action data to the original state? 0.00
Error: Must supply apikey when trying to use react-auto-fill-address 0.00
How can I Set State of a Value that is inside some other Function 0.00
axios put request in react is returning empty +0.95
Fill remaining whitespace in line with dots (multiline text) -0.09
How to Put Elements Directly Below Element +0.42
How to create a drop down menu with anchors? -0.08
CSS file not properly linking to html when in separate folders -0.20
How to stop the screen from re-rendering onChange event? 0.00
State being reset -0.58
Does it ever make sense to maintain state within classes alongside... 0.00
Cannon get reducer to work in index.js import for Redux +1.68
Trying to pass data from react(front end) to node server(backend) 0.00
Can't read property 'innerHTML' of null 0.00
Overlay an image centered within image on click 0.00
How to resolve issue of function not recognized in reactjs? 0.00
React useContext throws Invalid hook call error +1.13
How do I implement an onClick method in one child component that up... +0.37
responsive items in terms of width in a div +0.40
How to change the selected table row background color with React -1.96
height not resized when using flexbox under reacts +0.42
I'm trying to display images that I uploaded to my backend with... 0.00
How to make my span element and p element on the same line? +0.42
How to render JSON list on browser in reactjs component? +0.40
scroll function for multiple id's +0.42
Remove an existing item from array, when adding the same item +0.43
useReducer not updating correctly -0.07
<Span> in bottom right corner of <div> without "po... +0.84
How to make navbar disappear when I click on link tag from menu +0.43
Why is this div with 100vh height not covering the whole viewport? +0.42
How class call other class function in react? +0.45
How can I horizontally scroll div by mouse wheel, locking the body... 0.00
How do I fetch data in React.Component class through Context API? 0.00