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Ivan Stanislavciuc

1511.35 (55,332nd)
1,585 (102,991st)
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Title Δ
What is the difference between adding a dependency via libraryDepen... 0.00
Assign same value to multiple variables in Scala +3.86
How to convert a date time string to long (UNIX Epoch Time) Millise... -3.00
Akka actor path protocols 0.00
How to safely skip messages using Lagom Kafka Message Broker API? 0.00
Transform JSON tree to other format (XML, CSV etc.) recursively wit... -1.62
Scallop: parse and validate LocalDate in scala 0.00
How can I get the path to the current target directory in my build.... +5.14
Unresponsive scala-play application 0.00
How to make parallel Http request using Akka-Http? 0.00
Scala sbt build fails with javafx 0.00
Does Akka stream sink as publisher handles back pressure for each s... 0.00
Is the usage of scala collection equivalents in slick operation is... +3.97
Sbt run command fails with "NoSuchFileException" on Docke... -3.96
Simple server-push broadcast flow with Akka 0.00
shutting down JVM since 'akka.jvm-exit-on-fatal-error' is e... 0.00
Scala map : How to add new entries +4.18
AES encryption in Node.js and decryption on Scala 0.00
Scala akka http server - print POST messages +0.02
How can I validate Option values with Cats validation? -1.59
How to configure specific dispatcher for Akka HTTP? 0.00
Functions / methods in Scala. How does this work? -1.54
Akka Http Parsing Entity Java 0.00
Setting cannot depend on a task when adding logging to setting key 0.00
Need to provide a SettingKey from a plugin I use in my sbt plugin 0.00
How to configure logback to get nice logs of akka-http logRequest e... +3.66
Is it possible to pass an implicit to a PartialFunction? 0.00
How to throw exception from an akka actor? 0.00
Logging from an sbt plugin 0.00
What is the best practice or style for writing Akka HTTP routes? 0.00
Is it possible to define packages within sbt's project directory 0.00
Define task for all projects which depends on project-level settings 0.00
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/Function1 0.00
Why does adding Thread.sleep make my Akka TestKit unit tests pass? +3.81
What is the difference between timers.startSingleTimer and schedule... 0.00
Akka HTTP: Unmarshal to class with generic type parameter +4.11
Sbt what is the difference placing settings in the file or in commo... 0.00
Per-project tasks in SBT 0.00
Scala - Passing a function to Future.apply 0.00
how to use to catch the exception 0.00
SBT multi project with distant parent 0.00
Clustering in Akka 0.00
sbt: How to run integration test 0.00
Is there a way to get the item being mapped when an exception is th... +4.18
Use sbt settingKey in function call 0.00
Validation of multiple ADTs with Scala Cats Validated 0.00
How to shutdown actors in specific order with ability to send messa... 0.00
Akka Stream & Kamon-Prometheus not returning any metrics but lo... -3.93
How the sample Simple IO Type get rid of side effects in "FP i... -1.92
How to set SBT logLevel for log member of a streams task? 0.00