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1536.02 (13,641st)
11,099 (13,453rd)
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Title Δ
How to get indices of an array and store them in a different array? 0.00
How can I explicitly tell the compiler what the return type is? 0.00
How do i replace whitespace with underscore and encode values in sc... 0.00
Scala sortWith problems 0.00
String splitting- splitting by hashtag +1.83
unable to detect empty for Sequence using map function in scala -0.35
Usage of Guards in Scala Traits and Anonymous Classes +1.91
Error:Expected letter.. while running play multi project 0.00
Scala adding methods with complex types to final classes 0.00
IntelliJ won't let me use implement method as? 0.00
Scala currying with three argument function -1.19
Use of underscore in function call with Try parameters 0.00
future built from by-name parameter not executed in parallel +1.18
String passed to Class appear null 0.00
Scala referencing function in another function +0.45
Slick select all rows for table with no filtering 0.00
Some(null) to Stringtype nullable scala.matcherror +0.13
Pattern-match in function literal 0.00
simple recursive function error - java.lang.StackOverFlow error - o... -0.47
What would be the best way in scala to convert between case classes? -0.32
How to define typeclass instance for higher kinded types in Scala? 0.00
Applied filter to string, not to characters -0.33
Scala Stream Method takeWhile 0.00
Reading file names in Spark and Scala 0.00
Why Inner Class in Scala is bound to Outer Class Object 0.00
Scala: Import -- error importing 0.00
Scala: Dependency Injection 0.00
Window functions / scala / spark 1.6 0.00
Why scala does not unify this type lambda with underlying type? -2.22
What 's the difference between foldRight and foldLeft in concat 0.00
Remove specific element on list with math logic in scala -1.99
Why does wrapping values in a code block change my typed numbers in... +1.19
Sort generic unbound Comparable in Scala 0.00
What is wrong with the following scala code +1.84
Class cast exception in scala play 0.00
Scala - compare two Option[Seq[String]] +0.48
Scala vs Java method invocation 0.00
Remove mutable sum var -0.30
Implicit class for subtypes of a generic class -0.97
Strange behaviour in curly braces vs braces in scala 0.00
Combining partial functions -0.50
Combining different nested monads in for-comprehension 0.00
Remove options for Map's List +1.66
Case Class that extends play.api.mvc.WrappedRequest doesn't hav... 0.00
Scala stream filter behaviour -2.17
scala value class multiple inheritance -1.41
How to specify scala type parameter constraint when also specifying... 0.00
Dataframe converting to Option[DataFrame] after it's mapped +0.44
fail to create a string with inner properties 0.00
use scalaz's === for adt's 0.00