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Marmite Bomber

1504.30 (159,313th)
8,097 (19,401st)
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Title Δ
Validating number of digits in a number oracle sql 0.00
Grouping of data into different tables based on minimum date of an... 0.00
Insert time in Oracle SQL using GregorianCalendar in java 0.00
Optimize the query of weekday statistics between two dates 0.00
how to use Partition wise join in case of hash partition tables 0.00
Is there any way to find the base type of object for which the syno... 0.00
Oralce: How to ensure Oracle function is executed serially 0.00
Issue with jdbc connector to Oracle 9i 0.00
Can I create parameterized views in oracle 0.00
Oracle SQL union table1 with table2 with null result if table2 cont... 0.00
How to restrict oracle table to have limited records 0.00
How to extract a subchain from a string in Oracle, starting with a... +2.41
Oracle- performing view- creating index on join table 0.00
How to split a value by capital letter +2.37
Oracle randomly shuffling entire rows -1.58
Oracle - Query Optimization - Query runs for a long time +2.00
Oracle - Query Optimization - Query runs for a long time -2.00
Cursor to Query statement +0.62
How to queue up calls to stored procedures in Oracle? -2.08
Optimize count(*) with where is null clause on date column +1.38
Get only LHS data for specific where condition -0.00
Same working query doesn't work when comparing dates -1.08
Oracle Deriving MD5 incorrectly when DateTime Concatenated with Text -1.75
Oracle unique constraint violation 0.00
I used Joins same table (self join) with having count. But the resu... +0.68
Looping in a SQL QUERY from a huge database to do incremental data... -1.86
DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE and indirectly given grants on procedure -2.16
Oracle regex replace multiple occurrences of a string surrounded by... -0.51
Calculate distance between two lat long points in Oracle -0.35
How to move from Excel to designing a Data Warehouse Model +0.48
Table variable is filled only with one value -1.23
jdbc is not able to find data flushed by jpa repository in the same... 0.00
How to use case statement and min() with group by? -2.22
create role ORACLE 0.00
optimizing insert query -0.22
Listagg function with rep substr function +0.47
Java query with DB Link does not close the Db Link connection 0.00
JDBC Query vs JPA Query Performance -0.02
How to get max(0.10)+1 as 0.11 in Oracle SQL +1.43
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=validate or update returns beans.fact... +0.46
Oracle DBMS_SCHEDULER job to monitor a DBMS_ALERT 0.00
insert XML request into clob column using Oracle 0.00
Grab one record per ID with multiple Lead values -0.81
Finding a particular number based on existing number in a table +0.08
query to return all records that have a reoccuring string/number -1.67
How do I use Spring Data JPA(Hibernate) ORM mapping to a Oracle Tab... 0.00
Manually insert Data from database in table which has hibernate_seq... 0.00
Oracle Java - Add optional date parameter to Prepared statement +0.61
Oracle sort strings containing section sign § +2.14
oracle - group by - no aggregation -0.95