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Rating Stats for

Thomas Weller

1544.17 (9,945th)
29,847 (4,121st)
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Title Δ
Can I identify the cause of a memory leak from a heap snapshot? 0.00
Count True/False occurences across dataframe (columns & rows) 0.00
What is the difference between Environment.Exit(0) and Environment.... +0.44
How do I put in an integer in triple quote input? -2.26
What does a value with e` mean in windbg 0.00
running a cmd command: I want to see (get a protocol) what happens... 0.00
Finding out the days, hours, minutes and seconds the bot has been u... +1.96
I would like to create a column conditional if else statement to re... -1.45
Sort python array field as date string by date +1.92
Tuple to CSV file 0.00
While loop program for parentheses -0.14
Why do my values not change after running my function? -0.64
How to design a class with constraint like a Employee cannot exist... +0.44
Counter not updating value 0.00
Check if bits of an integers are contained in another one 0.00
What is the difference between .pdb files generated from Release an... 0.00
how to merge the similar file name together? -2.23
Is there a more efficient to write to Excel from C# project 0.00
How to obtain a value from inside a loop 0.00
Open a browser in Python +0.14
how do I take out index and not all of the char in a string? +0.43
Detecting Unicode in files in Windows 10 -2.42
Calculate cosine of given angle, round result and print it -0.58
Detect Byte Order Mark (BOM) in Python 0.00
Calling a Vector3 from inside an 'if' statement +0.41
Assign value of a reference property to a variable -1.09
Most efficient way to assign different things to objects made from... 0.00
Unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'float' and 'tuple&#... 0.00
How to use if statement in ntplib real-time in Python? 0.00
Updating Class veriables +1.93
How to efficiently rename file names using Python? 0.00
Calculating amount of memory a CPP program uses 0.00
setvalue method for property cannot be found -0.45
Trying to open a certain filetype using my python exe 0.00
C# Automatic Shows Button Disabled if seat already reserved 0.00
Disable squiggly lines for C++ (Visual Studio 2019) 0.00
Stop Javascript once I identified an element with the inspector 0.00
How to make a script case insensitive (Python Coin Flipper) -0.80
Can´t compare string from COM-object with string-literal 0.00
not able to debug this code related to central limit theorem -0.57
How to use Regex in C# to extract multiple substrings from a string -0.07
Will managed objects without roots be destroyed during next GC run? 0.00
How to create multi-dimensional array typedef in Python -0.58
CefSharp browser not working as WPF screensaver on login screen 0.00
How can I pass a file path with %20 as an argument to a process? 0.00
Exported RGB image with Pillow, Numpy in Python is only greyscale 0.00
How to use loop to define self with similar names? 0.00
Approximating the value of Pi using itertools and Leibniz series +1.19
why is my solution to Counting valleys problem timing out? -0.58
Return all powers of 2 less then n in C# -0.50