An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1563.17 (4,945th)
14,126 (10,087th)
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Title Δ
Port game from iOS (iPad) to Windows 0.00
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010: Error when trying to open .vc... 0.00
How to keep several files in a tree in Visual Studio? 0.00
How do you access the MainViewModel in ViewModelLocator from code b... -0.25
Looking for cross-platform mobile database options -0.02
desktop app (windows app) connect windows phone -1.36
JQuery Datepicker onchange event help! 0.00
Launcher and Chooser in Windows Phone 7 +0.37
how to send sms to mobile from web application using and c#? +0.42
Recommend a good Interactive Voice Response system to work with .NET? -0.58
WP7 Support TIFF images -2.29
WP7 Silverlight -- tapping image in a stackpanel scrollview to show... +0.38
Saving an image +1.36
Windows Phone 7 Silverlight using session +0.44
CoolStorage on Windows Phone 7 - Mapping Problem 0.00
Unable to find ChooserEventArgs class 0.00
How get image from isolated storage +0.41
Using a ScrollViewer in a ContextMenu.MenuItem DataTemplate 0.00
Remembering Position of LongListSelector 0.00
Difficulty troubleshooting performance issue 0.00
Getting error on every application I create for Windows Phone 7 -2.30
Text box validation for WP7 +0.43
How to send the mail with attachment through SMTP using iphone -0.52
How do I write a custom auto-crop script using the GIMP? 0.00
MVVM in Visual Studio 2010? -0.32
Help with XmlDataSource.XPath 0.00
Is there a way to find out how much space in isolated storage you a... 0.00
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.Profile.DefaultProfile' t... -0.61
Playing two sounds simultaneously c# +0.40
pass a variable between two methods +0.21
TableView Reusabilty using segmented control 0.00
Image source on Windows Phone +0.38
how to manage the data in an xml file in wp7? -0.65
Using a database in a WP7 app +1.16
Is sqlite db file available under any platform? -0.70
Changing Images Iphone +0.41
iOS retina display detection code not working -0.23
Windows Phone Dropdown +0.35
How to capitalize or change case of an NSString in Objective-C? -0.52
Extension method used to prevent SharePoint list item event receive... -0.39
can we make an application to hang up the dialed call for x amount... 0.00
iPhone program working on simulator but not on iPhone +0.42
SharePoint Issue Tracker - auto approve if in a group and auto set... +0.41
Sharepoint Designer 2007: Adds server name on links 0.00
Calculated formula for sharepoint list to return "expired" -0.11
Can you check the field in current Workflow Tasks List and also che... 0.00
UITableView with multiple items in each cell -0.17
iTunesArtwork breaking release submit to app store -0.59
How do I use a try and catch block in 0.00
Is there a way to stack up the cells of a table side by side? -1.86