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1733.19 (51st)
28,468 (2,176th)
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Title Δ
overriding parent class variable in child class constructor 0.00
Nested class with constexpr constructor, legal when deriving from t... 0.00
Do all constants have static duration? +0.69
Pulling in a single name from a namespace 0.00
Can template type inference take primitive operation type conversio... +0.47
Why doesn't the member func of nested class need a complete type? +0.20
Operator overloading associativity compiler optimization 0.00
How to pass an rvalue as a reference argument to a function +1.41
Why I can't do unix redirect in my C++ program? 0.00
C++ is marking a function as static once enough? 0.00
How do I define an out-of-line class template member function with... +0.92
Cannot move std::unique_ptr with NULL deleter to std::shared_ptr? +0.18
Difference between compiler creating default constructor and user c... 0.00
Why is std::variant unable to hold array object types while union c... 0.00
c++ Specializing class behavior for same types 0.00
Address of a dereferenced InputIterator? The case of istream_iterator 0.00
Is reference binding to a temporary of a temporary undefined behavi... +1.04
What's the using equivalent of a function typedef? 0.00
C++ unsized array in struct, error: "too many initializers" -2.54
Is it safe to slice stateless derived classes? +0.14
why this definition of a derived class is illegal? +0.71
Overload resolution over several layers of inheritance? +1.20
Work around typedef u8 to use C++11 u8 string literal 0.00
What does the fork_rv return? +0.22
Why could this snippet be compiled without error? -0.32
Lambda capture 'this' saved as std::function 0.00
Why anonymous object passed as pointer is denied for some compilers? -2.03
Can you violate ODR with structured bindings on a class type 0.00
Direct initialization with empty initializer list +2.01
C++ 11 can you safely pass and access std::atomics by reference in... 0.00
make assignment operator work on declaration 0.00
Partial template specification of template member function to disab... -2.12
Equivalent of R's <<- in C++: extern for local variables 0.00
specify nested template parameters for function call -2.63
Which base class's virtual destructor is overriden in a derived... -2.01
Throwing an exception which causes a destructor to be called crashe... 0.00
static_cast through inheritance chain that includes a template will... 0.00
Guarantee of deferred dynamic initialization of non odr-used global... -2.67
How to evaluate Primitive vs Class templates at compilation time? +0.88
std::call_once safe for non atomic variables? -0.79
std::weak_ptr::operator= confusion 0.00
Ambiguous operator overload in Clang -0.37
How to get template type of base class 0.00
Round-trip safety of storing integer in void pointer +1.28
Using std::forward with a non-forwarding, plain old reference +0.30
Does variadic template function call lambda parameter in reverse or... 0.00
Possibility of store object type for std::any -0.64
"With respect to an indeterminately-sequenced function call&qu... 0.00
Why doesn't this templated function to zero-initialize an array... 0.00
How is this C++ Reference Initialization Legal? +0.86