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Brian Bi

1734.03 (61st)
68,782 (1,268th)
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Title Δ
Is std::atomic<std::optional<std::chrono::time_point<std::... -0.70
More complex diamond problem instance. How to make it work with con... 0.00
How to extern declare an extern "C" variable +0.85
explicit conversion operator and const-reference qualification 0.00
C++ copy constructor activation in return-by-vlaue +1.30
Why I'm getting "invalid use of incomplete type" erro... 0.00
Is it possible to overload delete operator to set the pointer to nu... +1.06
How to use std::async with void method with no parameters? 0.00
What is the crux of std::reference_wrapper implementation for the o... 0.00
C++ Check if class derived from template base class; which has inte... +0.20
access a constexpr member variable of a derived class through a bas... 0.00
Concise way to specify I do not care about a template argument of m... +0.58
Why the Note 3 in [class.temporary]/2? Shouldn't paragraphs (2.... 0.00
Returning nullopt from a operator+ method 0.00
Is an identity conversion of pointer type be considered as qualific... 0.00
Is the initialization order of the vector elements guaranteed by th... +1.50
In C++, is there a way I can make a mutable const member variable?... -0.86
std::shared_ptr which is null but not empty +1.28
Why isn't this std::string_view a constant expression? 0.00
If a function returns a std::unique_ptr, is it reasonable to assume... +0.22
passing const as this argument discards qualifiers only when using... +1.24
What is the difference between non-type template parameters in C++1... -2.60
Why using a template's parameter's type member as a return... 0.00
C++ class specifier alignas option via template 0.00
Why does is_invocable work differently with reference parameters? -0.91
Ill-formed goto jump in C++ with compile-time known-to-be-false con... +0.86
How template explicit instantiation works and when? 0.00
"result type must be constructible from value type of input ra... 0.00
C++ - Unable to call inline std::cerr inside of a ternary operator +1.43
Can I avoid explicitly writing out my class-template parameter-type... 0.00
If this is undefined behavior then why is it given as a seemingly l... +0.11
Why do I need to declare Node as a struct in the Node struct and no... +1.03
How to force SFINAE to choose the second definition of structure? -0.04
local constexpr variable introduces compiler error +0.87
Is a diagnostic required for incorrect uses of non-dependent names... 0.00
Why can't you use relaxed atomic operations to synchronize memo... 0.00
Can initialization order of global variables across TUs be forced w... 0.00
C++ - Specify Overloaded Functor or Function When Passing To `std::... 0.00
why we need to add & in decltype(&fun) when fun is a static... 0.00
what is a subexpression of an initialization 0.00
What does std::unordered_map::clear() do? 0.00
What happens when a string literal is passed to a function acceptin... +1.05
How to dynamic_cast and test for success for a reference 0.00
How can a pathological input exist for an std::unordered_set? +1.07
Why is value-initialization specified as not calling trivial defaul... 0.00
Compile-time: count #(~N) of members of type X and define a member... +0.22
Can you (and should you) disambiguate a function call taking T and... -1.56
Can abstract types be used as the return type of a pure virtual fun... 0.00
Is it legal to call virtual functions without a base pointer 0.00
Safe to use object constructed earlier in a thread +1.53