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1733.62 (52nd)
28,468 (2,176th)
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Title Δ
List initialization of a reference: is GCC or Clang correct? 0.00
defining a variadic coordinate (tuple) type in C++17? +0.97
Why is it possible to delete an uninitialized pointer in a destruct... +0.83
Does C++ replace built-in operators with function calls? +0.92
c++ optional(T) -> optional<T> 0.00
C++ Getting a number of elements in variadic template +0.21
C++ Struct Constructor With Arguments Separated Into Header and Imp... +0.21
Explicit template specialization - multiple definitions -0.39
Why are some non-constant expressions allowed as operands of a cons... 0.00
c++ exception : throwing std::exception 0.00
Defining a class templates constructor and providing the template a... 0.00
Is initialization of a reference variable primary template required... 0.00
Why assignment to the function type gives an error? 0.00
Can i create class objects with a class that just offers a copy con... 0.00
treating memory returned by operator new(sizeof(T) * N) as an array +0.51
Deducing LValue Reference type 0.00
Hard error when using std::invoke_result_t with a generic lambda +1.10
How to extract type from empty templated container using decltype? 0.00
why #include only complete declarations and definitions? 0.00
C++: cannot define member function 0.00
Atomic operations on shared_ptr -2.38
function template specialization syntax for cpp file 0.00
Global constants undefined in constructor 0.00
Compiler not generating move constructors -0.59
Template struct that may or may not have a member +0.23
Paradigm for Internally Swapping Child Type 0.00
How to initialize static std::array with static const variable? 0.00
Explicit instantiation of function template specialization +0.46
Why can't the template parameters of this function be inferred... -0.70
Fold expression: iterate over variadic template type parameter to c... 0.00
Is &array[0]==(void*)&array guaranteed to be true? 0.00
alignas/alignof syntax won't compile Visual Studio 2017 0.00
Can a member variable access the value of a previously defined memb... +1.04
how much memory is allocated to an uninitialized std::string variab... +0.20
C++ calling std::move on std::unique_ptr without copying -0.99
Returning a lambda function in C++ +1.15
Function template overloading with reference collapsing 0.00
Recursive calculation of variable template value 0.00
Using operators from different namespace through inherited class? 0.00
Why can't I declare and define a member variable in different l... +0.90
In a C++ class, do you have to initialize member variables that are... +1.01
Template argument deduction in function signature using guide 0.00
Why can't I move-construct a unique_ptr with itself? 0.00
What are curly braces in hash function? 0.00
Unwrapping variadic template structs +1.05
Is this failing test that adds zero to a null pointer undefined beh... -0.79
can I increment an iterator by an integer? +0.76
Class typedef defined outside of class -0.27
Use the 'typename' keyword to treat nontype as a type in de... 0.00
Overloading function with multiple template definitions not possible? -2.23