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1728.97 (64th)
67,757 (1,308th)
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Title Δ
How to use a unique_ptr after passing it to a function? 0.00
decltype(auto) function return type does not deduce && types 0.00
warning: ‘<anonymous>’ is used uninitialized in this function... 0.00
Can linker differentiate between template and non-template functions? 0.00
Function argument inheriting two types simultaneously 0.00
Give an alias to an object's member 0.00
How can I capture the prototype of a constructor? 0.00
Is it safe to hold a std::lock_guard in the destructor? 0.00
How to fix garbage values that are being pushed back into a vector&... 0.00
Is forbidding template virtual functions an unnecessary cautiousness? 0.00
Is -Wreturn-std-move clang warning correct in case of objects in th... 0.00
In C++ is it possible to disambiguate between an array ref and a po... 0.00
The code below, is it ill-formed NDR or is it well formed? 0.00
How to define alias to access enum class member through struct? 0.00
Is there a way to implicitly convert an enum class to std::byte? 0.00
Can I use declval to Construct an Unused Return? 0.00
Why doesn't a const reference extend the life of a temporary ob... 0.00
List-initialization of a reference to an array of unknown size: is... 0.00
Union-like classes and variant members 0.00
Given an array of long strings, how do I efficiently check given pa... 0.00
Does std::integral_constant<T, v>::value always have a defini... 0.00
What is the result of assigning to std::vector<T>::begin()? 0.00
Class Template specialization for multiple types 0.00
What is the problem with operator+ overload? 0.00
In the expression left() = right(), why is right() sequenced first? 0.00
Why in this case does argument-dependent lookup not considered? 0.00
How do you create a std::pair containing a std::atomic? 0.00
How can an atomic operation be not a synchronization operation? -1.92
Why is implicit conversion not ambiguous for non-primitive types? +1.20
Is it a data race to access shared data after joining a thread? +2.05
restrict function pointer member template to only derived classes +0.21
Accessing a static constexpr member from a member variable, GCC bug? 0.00
Why a linker error concerning a static constant depends on optimiza... 0.00
What is the logic behind the "lvalueness" and "rvalu... -0.62
Function overload resolution with nullptr as argument 0.00
Is it possible to use overloaded operators with "this" in... 0.00
Why doew GCC compiles function overloaded with value, rvalue and lv... -2.54
lambda expression to assign a member function pointer -0.54
How to ensure that initializer_list is not zero +0.24
May a C++ compiler normalize Unicode identifiers? 0.00
Why does std::ostream not compile when used in ternary operator? 0.00
Using throw to replace return in C++ non-void functions -0.77
std::async can't call protected base class method -2.07
Will fetch_add with relaxed memory order return unique values? 0.00
Disable class method at compile time if template value is castable... 0.00
When is it safe to re-use memory from a trivially destructible obje... 0.00
Can I use a Fold Expression in this example 0.00
C++: method of executing method call for each member in a struct 0.00
List initialization of a reference: is GCC or Clang correct? 0.00
defining a variadic coordinate (tuple) type in C++17? +1.07