An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1472.48 (4,515,926th)
431 (307,762nd)
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Title Δ
How to change the logging levels in log4j in runtime without restar... 0.00
Java Development Workflow with Text-Editor and Commandline -3.74
Backup docker volumes - is simple tar-archiving not sufficient? 0.00
Difference between using wildcards and declaring generic type in ab... +4.13
Should a class named `User` be an implementation of Singleton Patte... +0.30
What is name of anti pattern !string.IsnullOrEmpty(Employee.Name),... -3.57
Refactoring to expose private methods for unit testing -3.68
Composition or inheritance -1.69
I dont seem to understand the basic difference between factory meth... -3.20
Java 8: Change the values of an EntrySet stream -3.41
Sort arraylist that contains subclass classes -1.38
Understanding a captured type in Java (symbol '?') +2.29
Where to log exceptions? -3.95
Is cyclic dependency between anonymous class and parent class wrong? -3.18
Debug not working with play framework activator, scala and eclipse +0.12
Java HttpServlet, override method service, best practice -2.43
Play Framework Checkbox Form and JPA Mapping 0.00
Doesn't work debug for play project in IDEA 14 Ultimate 0.00
When should I use Promises? 0.00
design issue when too many derived classes are needed -4.16
An empty super class? 0.00