An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,815th)
2,180 (76,810th)
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Title Δ
Why is my struct method always returning false? 0.00
update table data dynamically +0.06
Goroutines broke the program -3.76
An auto-increment column or the UNIQUE constraint? -3.91
Ruby - get bit range from variable -2.75
Sinatra not recognising javascript for session +4.17
concurrent http request gives no response -1.38
Error from Mongrel: "HTTP element REQUEST_PATH is longer than... 0.00
Am I loading scripts correctly in sinatra? 0.00
Issue geocoding several addresses with geocode of gmaps v3 0.00
Trouble with Apache2 + Passenger + Redmine 0.00
What protocol do routers use to determine the host name? -3.61
Databases in Sinatra +4.11
Parsing large string values in Ruby +0.26
Ruby / Sinatra - redirects without redirect 0.00
Watch remote file for file size changes 0.00
Import data from excel to Sql database 0.00
how to enable debug on sass, so i can use firesass? 0.00
Testing ruby script 0.00
golang: goroute with select doesn't stop unless I added a fmt.Print() -3.16
Google Prediction using R +4.18
Unable to show Desktop Notifications using Google Chrome 0.00
google's soa architecture - Aggregating content for google's web us... 0.00
Unable to get google-appengine for Jruby to work 0.00
when specifice page in url, sinatra not enforcing authentication 0.00
Trying to master Ruby. How can I optimize this method? -3.82
DataMapper => One-to-Many filter +4.38
facebook api authorization 0.00
Get next N nearest Geo-Points -0.12
Accessing the GAE Datastore: Use JDO, JPA or the low-level API? -3.25
how do I grep in R? -3.76
Processing 1000's of rows in a .each loop, how to output a puts mes... +4.70
Patching Linux Kernel -3.62
Writing physics simulation apps +0.26
Recursive function that returns a bool? -2.67
Simple Encryption in Ruby without external gems +0.23
How to build/compile C++, Java and Python projects? -3.51
GIT or SVN or... for front-end developers -2.42
How to make executable program in java? -2.39
Ruby sort by boolean and number +2.92
Properly evaluating double integral in python -4.05
Normalizing/validation for international data sets in a database? -2.10
NetBeans charset problem. Linux -> Windows 0.00