An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Ritesh Karwa

1418.15 (4,408,897th)
1,584 (103,251st)
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Title Δ
Consistently make a button visible on JFrame 0.00
Jquery toggle template form -0.37
Tomcat Issue: Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 0.00
Hadoop Mapreduce Wordcount example gets terminated unexpectedly +0.12
Onchange Event for Text Area +0.14
Pass values based on different select option +0.42
Written data from scanner to arrays -0.89
How to remove <li></li> element with jQuery on Ideal fo... -0.78
load js library from within a function? +0.56
javascript not loading on all pages 0.00
how to pass javascript value to same jsp page -0.37
Positioning a Dropdown Where Button Was Clicked 0.00
adjusting canvas to fit screen on scroll 0.00
Continuous motion in an image slider 0.00
How to remove blue border around objects in Fabric.js 0.00
Javascript/JQuery function not working on first page load. Then wor... +0.11
Problems when running Maven project 0.00
jQuery mobile - dynamically switch Select Menu to Multiple +0.58
startDate and endDate validation -1.67
Usage of Number.MIN_VALUE 0.00
Java Fibonacci series +0.59
JavaScript function does not output anything on html file +0.61
select2.js check if has at least one option selected 0.00
Search and replace a text sequence in html -0.38
C9 IDE working with java buildpath 0.00
Why color of navigation not changing 0.00
Error instantiating class:class:null java.lang.reflect.InvocationTa... +0.56
Jquery Trying to access the text within span +2.08
Buttons in jQuery Impromptu +0.62
My Java program isn't changing value of variable -0.76
Removing duplicated element from array (utilizing Object) - Javascr... -0.11
jQuery - Targeting a specific letter inside form field placeholder... +0.62
javascript error setAttribute() -3.08
i cant make div or any image 100% in html5/css3 -0.45
My webpage won't load my script after including a library -2.78
Basic java for creating object +0.63
List of browsers and versions that supports SVG engine -3.15
Div opens and closes when open button is clicked on -1.44
Jquery on hover and focus apply classes plus data-delay iteration +1.46
innerHTML output with Javascript template +4.90
jquery open calendar to specific month -3.04
How to resize the tbody of html table vertically +0.83
Create table from Json pure javascript -3.06
Expand width to 100% -0.81
Getting the element of a cell of datatable -3.05
html table with selectable rows using datatables -3.02
How to convert the string into Array in Java -1.62
individual Div with ID not hiding through Jquery inside form tag -0.78
"&#013;" doesn't produce a <br> on chrome -2.01
How to hide and show DIV in HTML using JS +0.60