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Tagir Valeev

1620.09 (1,101st)
70,752 (1,214th)
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Title Δ
Can IntelliJ convert my old string concatenation to new Text Block... 0.00
CERK07- SPOJ - bitmask in bfs 0.00
Improve Intellij Code Inspection for may produce NullPointerExcepti... 0.00
Integer.toBinaryString() not correctly converting to binary 0.00
What are the compatibility risks of replacing METHOD/FIELD/etc. tar... 0.00
Generic type argument in java generics 0.00
How to sort Map by value in desc and key in natural order at the sa... 0.00
performance, internal working and order of execution of serial steam 0.00
A warning is shown when Optional.isPresent and Optional.get are cal... +0.36
Improve performance of string to binary number conversion -1.21
Why does the multidimensional array syntax work +0.33
efficient way to compare multiple int values to 0 -2.44
I meet a strange compiling error when using Intellij about exceptio... 0.00
IntelliJ show "always true" hint but not "always fal... 0.00
ArrayStoreException when trying to collect files into array via Fil... +0.33
StreamEx grouping into lists returns an incorrect number of records -0.52
Why is Idea lint warning about missing `isPresent()` check in `orEl... -1.58
What is the maximum size of a Java .class file? -1.01
Use Java streams to collect objects generated in a `for` loop -0.63
Getting typed return of method using java reflection 0.00
Sorting an ArrayList as objects are being put into them 0.00
Get a particular entry and its index from a Map using Java lambda e... -0.89
TreeSet vs Java 8 Streams performance +0.97
Cannot resolve symbol (Java 8) lambdas 0.00
Is it possible to make program which will stop Java from promoting... +1.41
Merge two Maps of Maps in Java +0.83
Java-8: boolean primitive array to stream? +0.32
Java 8 stream; filter collection at condition 0.00
How to use streams to find pairs of elements from two lists or arra... -1.00
How can File.toURI().toURL() throw an exception? 0.00
Java - Intersection of multiple collections using stream + lambdas +1.15
Non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context in jav... 0.00
How to obtain new list after groupby and sum over one attribute +1.21
Using java8 Streams merge internal lists within a list +0.33
How to replace two loops using streams and remains elements in list... -0.65
How to use sun.reflect package in jdk9/java-9? +0.09
How to implement a parallel supporting takeWhile for the Stream API... 0.00
Should StreamEx parallelism work when using takeWhile? 0.00
ParallelStream with Maps 0.00
Is Stream.count() guranteed to visit each element? 0.00
Based on condition set object value and return boolean using java 8... -2.29
Find longest consecutive numbers in a list of sorted numbers using... -1.13
Java 8 - sort a Collection of Objects by a property with an order d... +0.85
max or min value on the basis of group by in stream java 8 0.00
Stream filter v.s Predicate filter 0.00
Java 8 stream objects significant memory usage +1.16
Java 8 stream to Map<K,List<String> +0.35
Java 8 Stream (based on resource) .iterator() that auto-closes the... 0.00
Searching anagrams with Java 8 -0.65
Java8 sum up to a limit with streams -0.20