An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1523.08 (26,566th)
3,938 (42,595th)
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Title Δ
Python - Extract pattern from string using RegEx -0.95
Recurrence relation on Factorial 0.00
Passing an argument using execvp -1.73
What is wrong with this program to find out the primes between 1-n... 0.00
How do you pass the elements from a one-dimensional array to a two... 0.00
Java Counting single parents in a Binary Search Tree? 0.00
Program that simulates rolling a dice 10 times, and finds the avera... +1.13
Decrementing an array from last element in C -1.63
Getting error on changing few syntax python 2.7.7 -0.02
Getting null pointer exception along with a few other problems in a... 0.00
how do i get the min max to work? +0.24
While loop for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit Java -0.04
Getting Wrong Results Python 0.00
Web Page timed opener not working (Java) 0.00
The correct Recursive backtracking algorithm? 0.00
Multiple search boxes for a website 0.00
changing background color with php -0.04
general form of MapReduce format 0.00
HTML Download file -0.04
Out of Bounds Exception on a 2D Ragged Array in Java +1.93
Printwrite always overwriting file 0.00
Most efficient way to find unique entries in a large data set -0.03
How to import a text file as a dictionary python +1.46
Get all possible name combinations from String array? +1.78
C++ programming Craps game simulation -1.01
Simple clustering from list of list in Python -0.17
How to convert number to width string property? Javascript 0.00
How do I write to a text file given a filename through the command... -0.04
Reading data from a table & parsing it -0.03
find a path in maze using recursion 0.00
attempting to add values of a 2D list to see if they equal to a eve... 0.00
Read all possible sequential substrings in Python -0.86
Java: Complete Sudoku Generator, what I am missing here? 0.00
Online Judge Pashmak and Flowers gives runtime error 0.00
Transform a nested list operation into a list comprehension express... +0.44
How did the values 97 & 123 come? +1.15
Vi issue in hortonworks sandbox 0.00
Segmentation fault (core dumped). 2D array with changing entries 0.00
Reading input from text file C++ -0.17
Why is my Uva's 3n+1 solution is wrong? 0.00
Find ascending duplicate pairs in an array +0.47
Index Error When Comparing Strings - Python 0.00
MapReduce: Filter out key-value pairs if value is not above threshold -0.06
php date time is not same +0.21
how to store structures in an array of pointers using a template 0.00
OR conditional in loop with Java -1.03
Flatten Arbitrary Length of Dictionary Items Into List of Paths in... +2.09
trying to dynamically replace the url from "a href" but j... -0.03
Shortest path to leaf in Binary Search Tree -0.03
Doubly Linked List Pointer Confusion -0.03