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Marcus Höglund

1515.50 (41,564th)
10,061 (15,134th)
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Title Δ
Is it really necessary to ignore self-referencing loops while using... 0.00
AddAuthentication + RequireAuthenticatedUser = redundant? 0.00
Custom entity validation with Clean Architecture 0.00
angularjs routing problems (ui-router) 0.00
how to create the dropdown box with select and nonselect checkbox j... +0.48
How to get the option text value after onchange it in AngularJS 0.00
400 Bad Request submitting Json to WebApi via HttpClient.PutAsync -2.24
How to access $scope variables on AngularJS from Controller to view 0.00
WebAPI: passing an array of objects using POST AJAX request (axios) 0.00
How to pass json object as parameter from AngularJS front end to We... 0.00
Model Binding HTTP Requests in ASP.Net Core WebAPI -0.11
How to bind a POST request with no Content-Type Web API .Net core 2... 0.00
Select value to var in AngularJs -0.77
Get fullcalender HTML-Elements with AngularJS and change them 0.00
Replace whole or partial string +1.63
ā€¸GenericArguments[0], 'EntityGenericBase`1[TModel]' violate... 0.00
x-www-form-urlencoded post parameters (body) in frisby npm not work... -0.02
Can't add IdentityServer4 NuGet package to ASP.NET Core project... +0.46
How to add a cookie based authenticationScheme in ASP.NET Core? 0.00
How to allow multiple different IList to be called through a method 0.00
Angular sending string list parameter by GET method 0.00
Getting Error as Could not load file or assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json +0.48
How to add custom library to ASP.NET MVC -0.02
Button press not logging anything AngularJS 0.00
Deploying a plain ASP.NET Core 2.2 Web App in Azure using Web Deplo... -0.28
how to test and resolve Controller data (.then function()) promise... -0.02
No executable found matching command "dotnet-/app/Build\ClearP... 0.00
Get docker image LABELS via Kubernetes API -0.53
Angular: Drop down won't populate -1.81
AngularJS Load html files after log in 0.00
AngularJS ng-repeat over a map(object) not updating DOM in realtime 0.00
How to run .NET core application by double clicking a file like exe... -0.53
azure storage / c#: Download all files from a directory in a contai... -0.10
EF DbContext on a generic repository does not perform the expected... 0.00
Web Api parameter object is null even on Ajax Call 0.00
Create common connect class +0.94
ASP.Net Core 2.1: No service for type Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity... 0.00
add new object in IOC container without having to specify every con... 0.00
ASP.NET Core 2.1 API not taking parameter 0.00
C# grab appsettings.json value and store into app.config .netcore 2.0 -0.03
How to build table with rowspan from array of objects in AngularJS 0.00
How do I list blobs contained in a directory Azure 0.00
AngularJS - Navigation between pages if login is successful (with d... +1.38
How to return Json data from MVC Controller in C# -1.39
Configuring Identity Server to use ASP.NET Identity roles 0.00
Scheduled WebJob doesn't invoke function as scheduled +1.82
string Concatenate in yml file and use with aspnetcore 2.1 -0.02
AngularJS from array of objects to array of functions +0.57
is there shorter way of calling non static method in c#? -1.37
.NET Core Angular project controller's single-param-constructor... 0.00