An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1749.96 (44th)
229,749 (186th)
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Title Δ
How to print password combination (but with custom constraints for... 0.00
numpy: column-wise dot product +4.08
Python: 'object in list' checks and '__cmp__' overflow -1.98
Python: 'object in list' checks and '__cmp__' overflow +4.02
Linear regression with matplotlib / numpy 0.00
matplotlib Legend Markers Only Once 0.00
Plotting a line over several graphs +4.78
generating a grid in a function +0.06
Intercepting subprocess.Popen call in Python -4.06
How to alphabetically sort array of dictionaries on single key? -2.44
Beaker Cache complains TypeError 0.00
comparing outputs from command.getoutput(cmd) -0.45
Is there a nicer way to convert a string into a data set in python? -1.83
Maxima crashes on relatively simple integral +0.73
reversing a string of integers user enters (C) -2.56
All possible variants of zip in Python +2.76
Python Numpy Matrix - Return the value contained in the matrix? +4.00
Python: Converting GIF frames to PNG +4.06
numpy array of objects -3.36
How to make more room for subplot text fields in Python's matplotlib? 0.00
file.write() and sys.stdout.write() are giving me two different out... -3.48
Checking approximation of E -3.85
How do I write a long integer as binary in Python? +4.31
determining the starting speed for an accelerated animation (in fla... -0.22
Plotting 3D Polygons in python-matplotlib 0.00
In Python, why is a module implemented in C faster than a pure Pyth... +1.18
Python 256bit Hash function with number output 0.00
gotchas where Numpy differs from straight python? 0.00