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1705.69 (126th)
49,979 (2,002nd)
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Title Δ
How to efficiently extract a row or column from a "dist"... 0.00
why outputs of linear model from these 2 ways are different in R? 0.00
How to fit a line with fixed points? (in R) 0.00
R regression with factor: get coefficient for levels, not as differ... 0.00
Can't plot smooth spline in R 0.00
Function for multiple regression, using QR decomposition and backwa... 0.00
Degrees of freedom in the smoothing spline fit in a GAM formula 0.00
How can we find E(X^n) for a discrete random variable X in R? 0.00
Finding the expectation of n Poisson values in R 0.00
Why does lm's fixed intercept not work with poly (raw = FALSE) 0.00
mgcv: How to use 'exclude' argument in predict.gam? 0.00
How can I get standard errors for my 4 parameters when the Hessian... 0.00
Translating Vector in R -0.77
Split a list in R into new vectors +0.23
Apply a function over pairwise combinations of arguments +0.83
Transform binary vector to binary matrix -1.46
Calculating working residuals of a Gamma GLM model 0.00
How do you efficiently return the order of an increasing index? +1.06
Generating unique pairs from R vector 0.00
create multi-normal data in R using mvrnorm 0.00
Vectorize polynomial 0.00
What is a better way to write this nested for loop in R? 0.00
Why does r str changes evaluation 0.00
Printing a triangle in r 0.00
How to safely drop nothing from a vector when the negative index co... 0.00
Why does lapply() convert my R data frame to list? 0.00
How to manually calculate the residuals of linear model in R +0.94
mixed combinations / permutations from different sets 0.00
For a polynomial, get all its extrema and plot it by highlighting a... +2.00
For a polynomial, get all its extrema and plot it by highlighting a... -2.00
get x-value given y-value: general root finding for linear / non-li... +0.24
How to estimate x value from y value input after approxfun() in R 0.00
Getting the index of an array 0.00
Can I create a version of the logistic map function without a for l... +1.52
generate multinomial random varibles with varying sample size in R +0.60
Why do I get many NA's in a "for" loop that simulates... 0.00
Counting the elements in rows and map to column in r +1.47
Why does "vectorizing" this simple R loop give a differen... +0.67
R loop to approximate square root of a positive real number with Ne... 0.00
sample with replacement but constrain the max frequency of each mem... 0.00
More efficient way of counting proportion of random numbers below t... -0.15
I want p-values in cor() using R -0.26
What's wrong with my R function of logistic map 0.00
making a triangular (or generally a square) matrix symmetirc +1.52
Write a function to remove everything in the global environment 0.00
run R program through Unix shell script -0.54
Generate non-negative (or positive) random integers that sum to a f... +0.66
How to save the coefficients for each optim iteration? +0.25
How do I match one vectors index positions to a different vectors i... 0.00
Permute columns of a square 2-way contingency table (matrix) to max... 0.00