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1467.85 (4,395,530th)
49,899 (2,009th)
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Title Δ
Java File IO Write +0.96
how to write to csv with a leading zero? -0.37
How to delete another item(not the one you are holding) while Itera... +1.13
Reg Expression to match date format -1.89
Why does matching the RegEx only work when setting a breakpoint? +0.05
session with multiple queries: does the database get hit multiple t... -0.21
Using place holders in Hibernate Native SQL query 0.00
Running JUnit 4 Tests Parallel With FailSafe & SureFire plugins +0.55
Ternary Operator and unexpected NullPointerException -1.69
How to use Maven pom to download jar files only? +0.55
Difference between ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream and getCla... -0.40
How can I change a string twice (building on the previous changes)... +0.27
Problem with map array with generics 0.00
Is there a type-safe way to pass an empty list as an argument in ja... -1.52
How to assure that some type has a specific member +0.29
Java: Inherited class constructor is calling Super class -0.61
Non-public top level class in Java -0.36
Spring xml problem +2.41
Determine if a directory contains a file -0.46
Howto delete all object pointer in java +1.06
Using regex to access items in a List +1.92
Is levelOfBreathing set correctly to where it is a private integer... +0.53
Loading Schema in Spring XML 0.00
Make a bunch of JLabel 's' invisible -0.96
Make a bunch of JLabel 's' invisible -0.96
How can i use same object in different classes in Java -0.43
@Autowiring not working at Field Level -0.06
Does Scala allow for this kind of extractor? +0.29
Regular expression help +1.57
Maven installation and using in project without Internet conncetion -0.07
Java: How to declare that a variable implements an interface? -1.19
How to set list of values as parameter into hiberante query? 0.00
how to view youtube video -0.58
how to view youtube video -0.58
Creating Class<?> objects where <?> is defined as a Str... +0.09
Is there a cleaner way to pattern-match in Scala anonymous functions? +2.47
How Java linker works? -1.61
NoClassDefError when running a method +0.54
Spring autowire a list -0.11
Maven map a file 0.00
JAVA Messaging Service +1.54
Unix grep regex containing 'x' but not containing 'y' -0.81
Parse XML using Scala with colon (:) inside XML tag 0.00
Optionally adding items to a Scala Map 0.00
How can I update a existing war file with additional files using Ma... 0.00
scala.xml.PrettyPrinter to format shorter node when there is no tex... 0.00
Pass object by reference in Java +0.57
Is there a maven plugin or mojo to build IntelliJ IDEA plugins 0.00
Scala: Find the DTD declaration in a file 0.00
Scala String format named parameters (Winner: Ugliest Code) +0.09