An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Neil Coffey

1524.54 (23,847th)
18,761 (7,368th)
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Title Δ
In ObjectBox, what's an easy way to search for a full word unde... 0.00
How can I load/Read images in JAVA 0.00
Use DecimalFormat with StringBuilder 0.00
Saving stack trace in java for any object at the time of it's c... 0.00
Parallelizing deserialization step 0.00
efficiently searching arrays without using index? 0.00
How do you run a ffmpeg command in Java, in MacOS, using a ProcessB... 0.00
How do you capture a variable number of patterns on the same line u... -1.43
What to use instead of ArrayList to group data? -0.22
Change the priority of items as they are being processed -0.23
How to generate Unique random number even application get closed in... -0.88
Faster cpu wastes more time as compared to slower cpu -0.42
While loop with threads does not stop +0.47
Make all threads wait for a method to finish -0.16
How to read a large file of Strings in chunks, each time from diffe... +0.45
Size of the hash table -0.53
Creating Map from large file -0.16
vector vs map performance confusion -1.90
get() method for HashMap -0.73
Cancelling a Task in threadPoolExecutor 0.00
Java NIO + AES Encryption from Client to Server - ByteBuffer issue +0.18
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit -2.12
Does a JVM may be a limit to the IO transfer rate? 0.00
Double-Checked Locking without creating objects +0.45
Java: Allocation of new objects and cache coherency +1.72
Sorting Strings in arbitrary order -1.32
Stop current running thread with certain condition, with finally bl... -0.09
Is Thread.interrupt really stops program execution? +0.79
Checking status of website in Java +0.47
max size of java.nio.MappedByteBuffer 0.00
Simplest way to output a simple MIDI file? 0.00
Audio Encryption Using RSA -0.92
Unknown characters when I write a float on a file -1.10
Optimal data structures for a tile-based RPG In java 0.00
Programatic code modification (e.g. variable extraction) in Java -0.02
Static method to assign non static variable -1.32
Strange java.lang.OutOfMemoryError from -0.05
java: memoizing construction through hash function +1.07
Synchronization when using InputStream 0.00
Workout area of rotated Buffered Image -0.07
Java Server Client, shared variable between threads -1.58
Java BufferedImage getRGB method and Color class 0.00
getting java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error +0.12
remove element from vector of vectors -1.33
Generating unique IDs for multiple sources -0.51
Why is the default size of PermGen so small? +0.06
upscaling and comparing +0.47
importance of ordering of operands in Java's == +1.23
check if one single bit only is set within a 64-bits integer +1.03
What's a reasonable lifespan to expect of a java exception? -0.18