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1518.47 (32,726th)
6,595 (24,431st)
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Title Δ
Compiler error on inserting into a map of maps in shared memory 0.00
Get X and Y positions of a Pixel given the HEIGHT , WIDTH and index... +0.47
Intel OpenCL SDK for FPGA compile kernel for emulation with aoc com... -0.03
How to write/read a single float value(buffer) from OpenCL device 0.00
How should I handle: Error C2039 'assign': is not a member... 0.00
Unicode decode error in basic string copy program in pyopencl 0.00
Error in exposing C++ Enum Class to Python Code 0.00
Error in boost-python nested namespace exporting code 0.00
Using boost::python, how to return vector of structs as list of dic... +0.47
Why is local memory in this OpenCL algorithm so slow? 0.00
OpenCL incrementing integer after each kernel execution 0.00
Boost Python return reference to cast input parameter not working w... 0.00
Speed up matrix-matrix multiplication using SSE vector instructions +0.49
OpenCL CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE when launching Kernel at Both NVIDI... 0.00
OpenCL Atomic add for vector types? +1.68
Boost.Python and importing a dll, "The specified module could... 0.00
OpenCL global vs __global and kernel vs __kernel 0.00
FFMpeg lib memory leak 0.00
Conversion from C++ vector to Numpy ndarray is very slow +0.48
PyOpenCL reduction algorithm error 0.00
behaviour of atomic_add in opencl 0.00
Debugging OpenCL kernel in FPGA Arria 10 0.00
OPencl returned zeros in the buffer 0.00
QT: Cannot set-up remote valgrind in qt creator 0.00
AMD OpenCL Windows - Cmake cant find 0.00
opencl speed and OUT_OF_RESOURCES +0.48
PyOpenCL 2D array kernel get_global_id(1) error 0.00
Whats the difference between local and global memory fence in OpenCL? 0.00
How to refer to value from symbol table? -1.36
Passing array of vector in pyOpencl 0.00
CL_INVALID_ARG_VALUE when setting buffer arguments 0.00
Boost Spirit Qi parser not working when factored out into qi::grammar 0.00
PyOpenCL Multidimensional Array 0.00
Creating device context in OpenCL for embedded profile 0.00
Valgrind array overrun within objects 0.00
still reachable block in valgrind output for vector of std threads 0.00
To build or not to build a binary after Offlline compilation in Ope... 0.00
Boost python getter/setter with the same name 0.00
How to release GPU memory & use same buffer for different array... -0.52
Setting __local float in OpenCL +0.16
How to use macros to replace/inject function calls in OpenCL 0.00
Use OpenCl Global ID as an integer in the kernel 0.00
Assertion `IsArray()' failed (RapidJSON) 0.00
Why does OpenCL's clEnqueueNDRangeKernel uses const size_t * as... 0.00
What could be causing my vectorized kernels to slow down by such an... 0.00
Using vector data types in OpenCL structs causes Watch problems in... +1.52
Intel OpenCL Beignet Issues 0.00
c++ abort() has been called on rapidjson 0.00
Why do the boost interprocess named mutex docs say each process sho... 0.00