An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,798th)
3,800 (44,018th)
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Title Δ
Intermittent SQL Server connection exception that appears to be rel... 0.00
Exporting Sales Orders to Sage 0.00
MVC Razor View with jQuery validation not validating empty fields +0.57
Oracle Instant Client and LDAP 0.00
MySQL - Insert where not exists -1.16
How far along is the importation of my MySQL dump? -1.59
MySQL 'my.cnf' location? -3.60
How can I store some sets of numbers as IDs in a column in database... +0.18
How do I create a QUOTENAME function in mySQL 0.00
Using IN clause vs. multiple SELECTs -1.53
Schrödingers MySQL table: exists, yet it does not +4.31
Copying files without logging in as root -2.79
PHP $_SESSION Returning Empty Array Even When Values are Set -2.04
MySQL. Creating an index for "OR" queries -3.84
Repeating data for more efficiency +0.23
How to efficiently group, sum and sort this mysql result? -3.95
MySQL Replication -- are queries ever modified by master? 0.00
mysql transaction error handling 0.00
Get myself out of the MySQL reporting loop? +4.16
Is there a style type besides text/css? -3.29
Hide a specific DIV if browser is IE6 +4.60
How to have Apache return 404 if not logged in? -3.87
Do sites like facebook resize images before upload to save bandwidth? -2.05
How do I create a symbolic link to mysql? (Mac, XAMPP) +4.16
PHP MySQL connection without socket file -3.12
Database design - one database, multiple sites -4.21
Using php to output an mp4 video 0.00
how to get decimals only if number is not round in mysql 0.00
W3C Markup Validation Service 0.00
Php catch exception +1.92
Time associated with dropping a table +0.23
Inserting values from an array into a SQL query -3.92
Improving MySQL tables with Indexes -1.27
is this right way to use PHP switch statement +1.27
dumping data from multiple tables with common fields +4.14
need help connecting to mysql database -0.97
mysql view and replication 0.00
INSERT from a SELECT with WHERE - IF EXISTS? +0.60
MySQL update if exists else insert +4.28
insert into multiple tables without knowing the primary key +1.75
Ruby open file on another server/network share +0.17
Add MySQL column if not existing using PDO 0.00
Mysql Query Relations M-M Table +4.17
Mysql - Insert values into multiple tables with unknown primary key 0.00
Run multiple queries then display them based on weighted importance... +0.21
select from one mysql table where ids match results from select of... -0.83
MySQL issue with UPDATE numbers +4.27
PHP Email: To, CC +3.21
Own partition for database data +0.60
Installing OpenSSL on Ubuntu for Rails development? -3.72