An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1765.31 (25th)
165,658 (316th)
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Title Δ
Python string slicing example set -0.10
List comprehension for extracting re.findall matches -1.83
Read in file and print dictionary -0.07
Comparing a list/set of objects efficiently 0.00
Python in Sublime Text 3 won't respond on simple operations +0.07
Replace extra spaces in word inside string +0.47
How do I use the word vector returned by word2vec as features? 0.00
How to replace an expression containing dash using sed? 0.00
Python how to search a list for all permutatio of a given input? -0.04
Correctly picking Hyperparameters? 0.00
Create nested dictionary from a hierarchy in a list -0.27
Python: Invalid Syntax Error for List Comprehension 0.00
Java Regular Expressions Not Compiling - No Match Available Error 0.00
PHP: How to use preg_match() here? 0.00
Trivia Program: Reading from a file and user input 0.00
Regex to match both domain and subdomain +0.23
Is there in python an equivalent for "grep "foo" bar... 0.00
Comparing variables in while statement python syntax error +0.48
How to detect a line break in android EditText 0.00
Python Convert String List to List +1.56
Calculating the number of characters in each line of a file excludi... -0.01
Comparing two variables in Python +0.47
Remove square brackets from a list of characters -0.87
Subscribe to YouTube channel button +0.46
Bug while retrieving elements from a csv in python +1.01
How to limit user input to a elements of List +0.46
What does the statement x = '' mean in Python? +0.21
Where did I go wrong in this time complexity calculation? -1.83
Parameters for using sigmoidal fit in python 0.00
Scalable neural network softmax classifier 0.00
Increasing memory limit in Python? -0.21
Iterating over a multi-dimensional json in python 0.00
Add spelling/grammatical error to data 0.00
Issues with implementation of a while loop in Python 0.00
python populate list with for loop -1.13
Regular expression to include brackets and exclude whitespaces -0.22
Dealing With Matrices in Python -0.87
Unexpected output of for.. in loop in Python +0.44
Had to click button twice +1.51
How do I execute a function every time a page loads? 0.00
webpack build failed because of uglifyJsPlguin 0.00
Python 2.6 - Add a file to zipfile without folders +0.47
How to import python file(.py) into a main python file -0.03
Why is "int a, b;" while "int c=a-b" not workin... -0.60
What method should I use to convert words into features for Machine... 0.00
How to generate a specific number of files in a directory in python... -1.73
How does the swap work in Selection sort? +0.47
Python multiprocessing subprocesses with ordered printing? -2.03
Writing entire classes to Python files (and replacing user input) -0.01
TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable {Python} -1.19