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Zecong Hu

1517.78 (35,812th)
152 (535,299th)
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Title Δ
How to indicate an argument should be a reference to derived class... 0.00
Type subclass from inside the parent class +3.70
Any advantages of enabled mypy `strict_optional? 0.00
Python typing: Use a class variable's value as return type of a... 0.00
Invalid index type "Union[int, str]" for "Union[List... 0.00
Replace set() to keep duplicates +3.85
Type annotation for Callable that takes **kwargs 0.00
Pylint error when inheriting from List[type] -4.06
Organizing a list of alpha-numeric strings -2.80
IPython %run ignore print commands 0.00
Use a generator to perform operation on a matrix in Python 0.00
RuntimeError: size mismatch, m1: [4 x 784], m2: [4 x 784] at /pytor... 0.00
MLPClassifier only giving one prediction for different inputs 0.00
pytorch multi-class lstm predicting all one class on testing 0.00
How do I get my code to validate each line in file using a defined... -0.07
Binary search tree deletion function in Python 0.00
Reordering an array based on sorted indices in another array -4.38
"Control may reach end of non-void function" and recursiv... -4.37
Search for a substring in an another string using hashing 0.00
Finding the word immediately after a character with regular express... +4.04
Why does this work in Python? Creating a instance, setting a non ex... +5.47
only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index error 0.00
Merging methods of two different sets of data in Python 0.00
With a PyTorch LSTM, can I have a different hidden_size than input_... -4.19
PyLint W0143 warning: Comparing against a callable -4.48
Get __qualname__ of inherited function -0.30
ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence. Don't know why happ... 0.00
Is there a method in Pytorch to count the number of unique values i... 0.00
Return different type upon class instantiation? +3.70
Index numpy array by other array as indices +4.42
Create list of lambda functions dynamically where each next functio... +3.21
else for nothing found but not for EACH iteration line by line +4.11
NLP Getting the most common POS tag for a word and using it in the... 0.00
Pythonic conversion of a string into a CSV-file -0.16
Recursive function for finding combinations without hitting the bui... +4.88
python Gauss Elimination (hey guys, help me with this problem) 0.00
Can the input of this hash function be calculated based on the outp... -0.05
c++, reading from a file to a struct and then to a vector (the stru... +5.27
How to use upper_bound on array of pair<int,int> in C++? 0.00