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John Woo

1656.61 (467th)
213,918 (206th)
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Title Δ
In SQL or mySQL, how can I find a key which has the highest sum in... -0.79
Get the aggregated result of a GROUP BY for each value on WHERE cla... +1.15
mysql group and count two columns 0.00
Sql Server not returning fraction digits +0.71
How to change other records based on single records in the query no... -0.75
Complex Mysql query grouping columns 0.00
Selecting row even when count value is 0 mysql -0.87
MS SQL Query Including omitted rows +0.28
SQL Summing Columns Grouped By Another Column 0.00
Sum numbers in on table with MySQL +0.28
Combine two table for one output sql query -0.84
postgres query shows error +0.28
SQL - UPSERT LOOP through SELECT's resultset -0.95
Requiring multiple string conditions in WHERE CLAUSE 0.00
Sum column as an additional column sql +0.29
Joining two table and updating the result -0.47
My sql get data from multiple tables, comma separated -0.22
My code gives no error, but still not working (insertion operation) 0.00
How to put specific value on bottom in Order By Asc? 0.00
SQL Server : many-to-Many Join into Single Row +1.57
Subquery returned more than 1 value no clue where the issue is? 0.00
mysql query that does not return an id with multiple entries +0.92
Mysql count rows and rows with null +0.29
How to get the average songs practiced per session MySQL -2.84
Removing duplicates rows in left Joining query -0.25
Stored Procedure with multi value parameter behaving strangely +1.28
MySQL STR_TO_DATE seems to fail when day has a "0" 0.00
MySQL combining two queries into single query 0.00
Sql - exclude the 0 value -2.69
C# - MySql - Best way to convert data from MySqlDataReader to diffe... +0.74
How can i filter more than 1 column at datagrid 0.00
SQL - Exclude values of a column which meet a requirement at least... 0.00
Many-to-Many Relation - Select all A except for those linked to B +1.99
I want duplicates to be included with my in () statement 0.00
Count numbers that don't match between 2 tables +1.31
Select each int in array -1.53
Select players with fixed trophy count and points +0.28
MySQL return number of new and used products from database 0.00
difference between two consecutive date in days in sql server +0.71
MySQL Joing Two tables with count value +0.79
Convert WHERE clause with OR operators into CASE +1.47
Selecting conditions only when both rows (not either) are met +1.13
How to save date to SQL SERVER from textbox using ASP.NET +0.29
replace null sql with 0 +0.26
Select from a field containing spaces using MySQL 0.00
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime Convert from string t... 0.00
select value i inserted in same query 0.00
MySQL - 5 posts per category +0.24
mysql subquery does not keep the order WHY? 0.00
Count specific month from UTC format using mysql +0.27