An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1488.63 (4,435,438th)
7,362 (21,675th)
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Title Δ
Dynamic Programming Fibonacci Number 0.00
Open background tab from extension 0.00
Get favicon from chrome cache 0.00
Is web automation with Openoffice BASIC even possible? 0.00
Enforce the method to be called -0.73
Make OR condition for generic 0.00
CSS replace previous adjacent selector +0.91
Infer generic parameter of explicit interface implementation in cla... 0.00
Is there any way to avoid comma in start and end of string using re... -1.17
Different behaviour between 'returning a promise' and '... -1.42
Proxy request to local file 0.00
Mock ReadableStream 0.00
Why does adding two float numbers give an integer in C++? +2.80
How to observe DOM element position changes 0.00
How to make a horizontal scroll with the mouse 0.00
Regex, Replace brackets between two substrings -0.65
Regex, Replace brackets between two substrings -0.65
Assign a property of an object with properties of different type 0.00
How to set interface implementation in generic interface? 0.00
Check type without inferring checked type 0.00
How can I get type from fs.Dirent? 0.00
Typescript - Type 'string' is not assignable to type 'b... -0.02
Difference between string " ",' ',`` +0.53
Make httpwebrequest with "burn" CPU 0.00
Extend object wrappers for modern primitives -1.23
Pass duplicated css property to tags style 0.00
Different tabs of the same domain use separate local storage 0.00
Use custom `tslint` rule without compilation from typescript 0.00
Force to store getter result in variable if it is used inside of th... 0.00
Is there a better alternative to Visual Studio's compare tool f... 0.00
proper height adjustment in css grid cell 0.00
Find the first set of 5 digits in a text -0.24
Unzoomable element 0.00
How to Identify ID of containers(4 words and 7 digits) at one strin... +2.00
How to Identify ID of containers(4 words and 7 digits) at one strin... -2.00
Keep timer running even when user logs off 0.00
Get Enum Name as String in TypeScript 0.00
Fixed position in a button in a scrollable view/component 0.00
Ignoring function in JSON with JavaScript using JSON.parse() 0.00
CSS button transition linear-gradient background into transparent b... +0.50
Extract values by property type 0.00
Pros and cons of using a system call vs library based approach to c... -0.50
Need regex to locate c++ namespace declarations with unknown names 0.00
Tuple with fixed length 0.00
Regular Expression lazy modifier matches too much -0.20
How to Get the Value Held Within a Custom Element in a <div> -0.50
getElementById not working on IE 11: HTML5 <article> element 0.00
xlsx File format is not valid 0.00
Firefox ignoring CSS3 transition? -0.50
Default value for default generic -1.42