An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,788th)
501 (268,745th)
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Title Δ
8-bit PIC Microcontrollers plus sensors -3.83
Is there any difference in the format of executable file generated... 0.00
pic Interrupt on change doesn't trigger first time +0.25
Convert a string from UART to hex value in c 0.00
c program to save the ipconfig in a file -1.70
how to write the console output to a file in c -4.14
How to read a string until user presses an specific key in C? -1.18
Simple C program that will read the number of lines and will termin... -2.39
Unknown way of dealing with Arrays in C +0.70
variable with file scope in C without static keyword 0.00
scanf changes values from other strings -2.34
real time clock using pic16lf1902/03 0.00
the return statement of C in a function -0.70
Parent death is not killing child proess in C program Linux -3.75
How to load rsa public and private key from memory by openssl in c -3.79
Use of sizeof without parenthesis 0.00
C - If else if scanf not working -3.96
How to clear all the elements of array in C? -2.18
PIC16F883 timer won't work +4.00
Openssl: certificate verification fails when CApath argument is use... 0.00
gcc: arm-none-eabi-ld linker script doesn't update .bss start a... 0.00
Updating Linux Device Driver 0.00