An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1479.40 (4,499,012th)
2,848 (59,340th)
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Title Δ
Sitefinity eCommerce vs others .net eCommerce platforms 0.00
Can't get accurate file size +0.47
Is it possible to redirect a link that ends with .aspx to a .ashx? 0.00
ComboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString() is not working -0.04
CryptoLicensing cracked - still usable or better options for a simi... +4.25
Inserting data but getting "duplicate values" error +0.44
using statement in web forms works locally but not live? -1.74
MS Access Crashed an now all Form objects and code modules are miss... 0.00
HttpHandler with Flash file upload question 0.00
3 hash functions to best hash sliding window strings for a bloom fi... 0.00
Can someone recommend a terse solution to this problem in C#? -2.26
Flags in VB6 does not return a correct value +4.75
sending email on local machine is not working 0.00
Movement algorithm for game -3.93
Nested types or other solution for one to one mapped classes +1.82
naming a function that exhibits "set if not equal" behavior +4.41
Do I need to write a trigger for such a simple constraint? +0.28
Why is params keyword not contextual? -2.28
C# Multi Replace Idea -1.64
Serializing data into a single text field - denormalization gone to... +3.54
Sitewide 301 Redirect -3.77
i have to search the string from html files using c# in, ho... +0.72
User Folders in SQL server management studio Databases node +5.31
sql query to select a value from one database +4.26
NoSQL movement - justification for SQL RDBMS -2.37
Clip text in C# after the third word +2.88
significance of index name in creating an index (mySQL) -3.11
How can I get simple "block" outline of a GDI+ path? 0.00
How to get year and month separately from this string in sql server? +4.44
sql server stored procedure to update records -3.19
2 update queries running at the exact same time +4.59
INSTEAD OF UPDATE TRIGGER for a table with foreign key -3.74
Decoding legacy binary format 0.00
How might I define a character or string constant in C# for ASCII 1... -2.35
regarding primary and foreign keys +4.53
ASP.NET,C# :How to handle Shopping cart Problem -3.52
Checking RGB color value in C#? +4.84
sql insert statement with a lot of same where clause and one differ... +0.53
Why do we get "Path not found" error while accessing vb c... 0.00
Sending "on behalf of" emails -3.64
How to assign null to a sqlparameter? -3.31
C# GDI+ curve drawing issue -1.08
Sorting in T-SQL +0.06
.Net Opposite of GraphicsPath.Widen() -2.53
2 results with 2 where in one select statement in sql-server -2.81
How can I change the background color of an image using GDI+? +4.73
Nested partial output caching in ASP.NET MVC 3 +1.60
When are two Datetime variables equal? -0.47
How to get the PID of IRunningTask (Task Scheduler 2.0 library) +0.34
Global keylistener -3.72