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1519.73 (31,063rd)
5,093 (32,467th)
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Title Δ
Base case of recursion function for Fibonacci sequence 0.00
Finding multiple max elements in a vector C++ 0.00
Find a point on a line, a certain distance from a certain point on... +2.28
I have some problem due to which my code gets executed without any... 0.00
how to see if there are 1 or 2 poker pairs in a hand in C +0.46
c++ mortgage loan calculator -0.03
Static method inaccessible from a derived class 0.00
How to sort only the right quarter of a 10 x 10 matrix? -0.26
C++ aggregate initialiser behaviour with data array 0.00
lower_bound() in C++ -0.75
Numerically integrating with trapezium rule between 0 and infinity... +2.15
Understanding the algorithm for Newton Fractals 0.00
Finding a median of 2 arrays of the same size - the O(log n) algori... +2.16
Passing a vector or a vector of vectors or a vector of ... (you get... -0.19
How to use proxy class and template to "simulate" functio... +0.46
Array and simple queries using vector 0.00
Find the area between two functions +1.79
search top n% of a vector member C++ -1.24
Using nested for loop to find the second power of numbers using C 0.00
Best way for copying large container in c++ 0.00
Segmentation fault when my array is too big +0.47
How to compute the digits of an irrational number one by one? +0.26
C Segmentation Fault While using scanf for 2D array -0.02
C++ card validation issue +0.49
Removing first three elements of 2d array C++ +0.49
Cleanest way to iterate over a 2D container in C++ +1.19
g++ generates errors for an argument of transform() -0.16
Weird issue when reallocating memory in C +0.45
How to do array +0.46
rotating the array anti-clockwise, run time issues -0.28
generic Insertion sort can't sort floating point array +0.49
Why can't I use a std::tuple in a constexpr lambda function -2.19
How to get the difference in milliseconds between the start time an... -0.53
Non-const lambda capture in const method +0.48
C: Replace bit in an int at specific position using bitwise operators +0.48
Function that reverse one part(half) of integer -0.70
how to extract the even number from user input, and combine them as... -0.18
Composite Simpson's Rule in C++ +0.48
Roman Numerals to Arabic (vinculum) - reading characters in a string 0.00
Function template return type -1.06
Buggy at strtok part of program 0.00
remove the '0' from a string after calculation 0.00
Project Euler 23 C++ 0.00
Breaking a number into the sum of two numbers -0.02
How to calculate month and any additional days between two dates us... 0.00
Access the previous element inside the function of for_each -2.38
Battle Naval Assignment, can't allign an array with setw(), cou... 0.00
Why the output is integer not double? 0.00
intersection between plane and sphere raytracing 0.00
Portable way to declare constexpr array from non-type template argu... -2.16