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Krupesh Kotecha

1518.27 (32,884th)
2,073 (80,645th)
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Title Δ
How do I find the largest negative integer in an array? +0.29
Check if same object exists in an array - Javascript -0.59
How to prevent continue clicks on the element? -0.67
Overflow img and transition for img in slider (HTML, CSS, JS) +0.40
Javascript: My boolean doesn't stay true after it's declare... +0.04
angularJs ng -Repeat over an array of json object -0.28
Capitalizing first letter of each word malfunction when word contai... +0.20
How to display 2 images side by side using col? +0.48
$("id").trigger("click") not calling :active se... -0.60
2 ng-clicks on 2 different divs in ng-repeat does not work -0.53
how realize click event on directive? -1.09
How to get total length of JSON object using ajax -0.03
ng-init with condition statements -0.52
$scope methods not recognized from table AngularJS -0.37
ng-if in select option selected tag +0.47
ng-change not working angularjs -0.26
Change a scroll bar style +0.13
$timeout scrollTop directive is not working in angularJS 0.00
binding radio buttons with angularjs and javascript -2.18
focus on specific div when controller load first time angularjs -0.25
working with select options and an object in angularjs +3.90
ng-map change the color of the shape dynamically 0.00
searchable drop down in AngularJs -0.48
Use scope variable in ng-repeat -1.30
angular js: ng-min \ ng-max +0.03
How to get label of an input field when submit a form in Angular JS 0.00
AngularJS $timeout service -2.99
changing the value of object in attrs inside controller of a direct... -0.21
AngularJS: Why is the ng-controller behaving odd with ng-show and n... -0.40
Can i turn this looping array into Json Object? -1.43
how to hide class on second click +0.82
How to Enable Edit option in this javascript program -2.54
How to call onchange event when dropdown values are same -1.19
jQuery : How can showint text and hide then showing another? +1.30
How to show different data on button click in angular -2.30
Disable elements in dropdown after or before an index -1.11
How can I check if any dropdown in a class is empty? +3.20
Remove key-value if input is null in angularJS -1.37
when i click on my menu sub menu part is not visible? 0.00
datejavascript change a numeric value into time value -1.99
Filter JSON Object by comparing nested object inside it and other a... -0.46
Bind jquery UI date-picker on focus of input element -0.46
Change Icon on click and add a css class through javascript -1.73
Select class inside a parent class using this -2.48
jQuery Sortable prevent user to move child item to parent item -3.93
jquery fast hover issue +3.25
Onclick outside of div, hide the div +3.46
WebkitTransform not fluent 0.00
How to check effectively whether date is valid or not in AngularJS -0.58
Angular Show An Scroll not working -4.57