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1698.62 (150th)
54,835 (1,769th)
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Title Δ
Setting /PROFILE Linker Flag for CMake MSVC Target 0.00
Does VS compiler provide a macro variable that tells if the floatin... 0.00
Move constructor in terms of move assignment operator +1.08
bridging templates with runtime arguments +0.21
Template Function to manipulate memory 0.00
Use of unique_ptr in classes with protected destructors 0.00
How to declare a variable which can be set into a param of type std... 0.00
linker complains about multiple definition even there are inclusion... +0.24
How does std::variant becomes valueless_by_exception in this example? 0.00
Variadic template template and SFINAE -0.12
Detecting if a templated type is itself a templated type +1.40
GCC 7 not choosing the correct type trait specialization 0.00
Reference to non-static member function must be called on templated... 0.00
how to check if a number is of 4 digits in c++? +0.33
Should we create vector with fixed size and then push_back if need... 0.00
argument of type "int" incompatible with parameter of typ... -0.51
Rvalue constructor not being called? 0.00
Why is it impossible to convert const X to X &? -2.11
Losing pointer reference outside scope -0.60
How to convert an Int32 array pointer to an Int8_t array pointer? +1.67
Optimizing member variable access -0.63
Variadic template specialization with const reference +1.12
Type injection in structs +0.53
Template struct to hold two types but only one at the time +0.92
Calling class T's implementation of pure virtual from T constru... 0.00
How to make g++ require a standard `main`? +1.42
std::function and error: no matching function for call to -1.22
Mapping a std::tuple to another std::tuple -0.71
C++ taking a pointer and turning it into a callable function 0.00
Nested Templates (i.e. template <typename T< typename templat... +1.24
Error in declaring an alias with using 0.00
recursive template function does not compile with Clang? 0.00
Proper use of a functor in std::for_each and std::transform +1.17
Is it legal to elide a non-trivial copy/move constructor in initial... +1.35
Unpacking a typelist +0.23
Why does the volatile make an undefined behavior +0.48
Is the number of static variables limited in C++ +0.25
C++ Overloading conversion operator hack 0.00
I cannot understand some c++ template code 0.00
why the size of two vector<bool> bVec = { true,false,true,fal... 0.00
C++ - create a bucket of instantiations for any lambda -0.78
Tuple find function argument substitution fail 0.00
Overloaded function template disambiguation with `std::enable_if` a... 0.00
Why can't I call operator() on temporary objects directly? 0.00
Derived class has no extra data members; Is it safe to statically d... 0.00
Type id of std::string for variable vs. string in argument? -0.18
Why can std::function be constructed with a lambda with a different... 0.00
I'm Returning a Reference From a Lambda, why is a Copy Happening? 0.00
error: ‘std::enable_if_t’ has not been declared +0.27
Convert types in hana::tuple to std::vector<type> within a ha... 0.00