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Vishwa Ratna

1491.28 (4,272,251st)
1,919 (86,634th)
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Title Δ
java.util.InputMismatchException scanner issue? 0.00
GraphQL - How do I use the return value as a variable for the next... 0.00
How is Comparator<T> a Functional Interface? 0.00
Mockito when() method not working and getting null pointer exception 0.00
How to create a custom order to sort Java String phone number? -0.47
Java regex parsing out middle value of String -0.93
How to get file name using `URLUtil`? 0.00
Product of array elements except itself in Java8 without division +0.99
How to read MultiValue ArrayList in Java +0.01
Sort numbers in an array without changing even numbers position usi... +1.90
Log runtime exceptions in file log4j2 +0.51
Cannot get first child of Xml Node -0.49
In Java, can I make a predicate that applies a filter on more than... -0.45
Encode all logs in Slf4j 0.00
Java - cut string in a specific way +0.32
SLF4J collision in Spring Boot 0.00
Running maven goals clean install in Intellij IDEA getting error In... +0.47
Custom Sorting in way that A comes before a and B comes before b +1.43
Input How does it work exactly? 0.00
Difference between java.util.logging.Logger and java.lang.System.Lo... -0.18
password generation in java using regex 0.00
Eclipse Application run config to intellij +1.79
Mock method in abstract class that inherit abstract class 0.00
OWASP security issue with jackson-databind-2.9.8 jar 0.00
Available slots in a smartCard provider working with Java 9+ 0.00
How to resolve this error in solidity "The constructor should... 0.00
Is there a function for finding all subgroups from one main group w... -0.48
Segregating list by attribute -1.56
Generate Powerset of length 4 using Java-8 is possible -1.11
Convert list of longs to list of doubles +0.08
Why this smart contract function doesn't work on Remix IDE usin... 0.00
Whats the most efficient way to sort elements of an array based on... +0.04
How can I generate 4 random numbers with unrepeated digits -0.65
Java: Getting a substring from a string in Text file starting after... +0.04
What is the right way to load a package main class? 0.00
How to get sum of doubles in list using stream? -0.55
IntelliJ IDEA how to remove space after exclamation mark 0.00
How is default maven plugin version decided? +2.04
Generate all possible keys for 2 or more sets of strings in same or... 0.00
log4j adds "sg" to each logged line -0.49
List all enums defined in a package recursively 0.00
How do I configure Log4J properly? +0.51
Separate a field from list and make a new list +0.01
What is the purpose of putting Assertions. prefix? -1.21
In the unit test of TestNG, nullPointerException is always reported... -0.48
Setting the Java Version in Maven with system Java version as 11.0 -0.49
I'm having trouble downloading wildfly dependencies +0.01
In Servlet the "request.getParts().stream()..." adds a &q... -0.58
Filter map and return list of keys -0.87
Generate map of natural id as key and string as value from list of... 0.00