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J. Antonio Perez

1538.60 (12,230th)
571 (242,509th)
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Title Δ
what is the new feature in c++20 [[no_unique_address]]? 0.00
Should functions declared with `= default` only go in the header file +0.26
printing the array in reverse order-why is this wrong in C++? 0.00
When is a constexpr evaluated at compile time? +2.27
How to add characters to strings in C++? -1.82
How to initialize unique_ptr from raw C heap memory pointer? 0.00
Fastest way to output on screen? 0.00
push_back is more efficient than emplace_back? 0.00
Use command line arguments argv[] to create data file with the same... 0.00
Executing a non blocking thread in C++ 0.00
Conversions between volatile, const, volatile const, and "neit... +1.43
conditional constexpr functions 0.00
Getting inconsistent heap corruption for int array - C++ 0.00
How can I fix this textbook program to add polynomials in C++? 0.00
Making public parent destructor private in derived class +0.39
Defining Variables In A Namespace 0.00
How to return the reference of a declared vector in the method body? +2.33
Confused with dynamic memory allocation C++ 0.00
Is there a turtle function or other Haskell abstraction for joining... +2.06
Multi-threading. If I use semaphore can I create a lot of threads a... 0.00
Initializing std::shared_ptr with std::make_shared having an std::a... -0.54
Access to struct property while looping array in C++ -1.62
Is it safe to return a string object which points to a local char v... -1.76
Specializing an template class and adding new interfaces 0.00
How to write the definition of a derived class in c++? 0.00
Is there any situation in which an object's storage might chang... -1.29
Using Methods of Volatile Standard Template Objects 0.00
How to memory align derived class? 0.00
Is it possible to deserialize (from raw memory block) an object wit... -1.46
why use references for mutable variables in c++ +0.74
Number of buckets of std::unordered_map grows unexpectedly 0.00
How to fix an address issue +1.60
what's wrong with vector::reserve? -2.05
new array of objects with constructor that needs parameters in C++ -0.59
Constructor Function is not working properly 0.00
How to fix for each loop in C++? +1.23
Problem with a recursive function (check if a number is a perfect s... -0.22
When using headers, do I need to insert every function used in my c... 0.00
Confusion about vectors -1.10
How do I calculate the sum in-between two negative integers c++ +1.50
Override template function with abstract class +0.09
Passing C++ void pointers +0.43
Brace-or-equal-initializers default value in child doesn't seem... 0.00
Can't erase digits from c++ string by using the 'erase'... -2.25
Adding new methods to specializations of standard templates (std::v... +2.11
Where will a new element be inserted in a std::set? -0.36
Is there a way I can swap out member variables without passing them... 0.00
c++ template extract bool parameter +0.45
Function with structure as argument producing error: free(): invali... +2.40
How is it possible to generate an OR like statement compile time? C++ -1.46