An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1735.64 (51st)
1 (3,907,739th)
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Title Δ
When does dplyr's ungroup() function drop the 'vars' at... 0.00
Spread an interleaved data.frame 0.00
Multiply pairs of columns using dplyr in R -1.19
Template Literals with Javascript Replace? -3.01
IF function in spark gives error +0.20
r tidyverse - calculate mean across multiple columns with same name -0.23
How to find values shared between groups in a data frame? +0.87
PySpark - Combine DF columns into named StructType 0.00
dplyr: fill series in grouped data.frame after using lead() +0.80
Second row as column headers using DT datatable in R shiny 0.00
Pagination vue data in laravel 0.00
Grouping data without calling aggregation function in pyspark 0.00
Numpy adding values to diagonals 0.00
How to iterate all object in data section? -0.29
How to cast string to ArrayType of dictionary (JSON) in PySpark +0.93
Numpy reshape image data into batches 0.00
Concatenate names of the columns in a dataframe which contain true 0.00
Reorder timestamps pandas 0.00
Use Alias Column Name in Group by and Summarise section for dplyr +0.82
How do you add an array to each previous row in pandas? +0.87
DataFrame reduce by 0.00
tf.boolean_mask(2D, 2D) gives 1D result 0.00
Counting occurrences of string and `groupby` categorical variable i... +1.11
How to split a numpy array using a binary list? 0.00
Python / numpy: How to replace matrix elements with specified lengt... 0.00
VueJS function with then +0.21
Python: round float values to interval limits / grid +0.72
Vuetify: Dynamically set breakpoint? 0.00
Issues with using == condition in tf.where() 0.00
how to convert pandas dataframe column addition to pyspark column a... 0.00
PySpark DF column creation with UDF to mimic np.roll function from... +0.94
Python: how to drop rows in Pandas if two columns don't appear... +1.02
Set dropdown menu button width to block in VuetifyJS component 0.00
Assign values of a new column based on the frequency of a special p... +0.21
How to toggle tabs in VueJS Vuetify by clicking on something other... 0.00
Get most frequently occurring factor level in dplyr piping structure +0.21
Set initial vuetify v-select value 0.00
Vue filter with options -0.79
tensorflow reshaping convolutional filters for visualization 0.00
purrr::reduce/reduce2 or mapped mutate_at()? - functions applied to... +0.53
Row by column dot product in numpy array 0.00
VueJS initially mark first radiobutton as 'checked' 0.00
Prevent mounting component if element with id doesn't exist 0.00
How to LEFT ANTI join under some matching condition 0.00
Replace NA's in set of columns by values from another set of co... +0.20
Pyspark Joining dataframes with multiple rows in the second dataframe +0.87
Python Adding leading zero to Time field -0.64
Manipulating two tensors via loops +0.19
VueJS set data in methods function 0.00
Generate NumPy array containing the indices of another NumPy array 0.00