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1713.63 (95th)
135,522 (452nd)
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Title Δ
How can I create lag variable for a particular variable for each ID 0.00
How to melt two dataframe columns into one column +0.58
Vue3: Using dynamically imported JSON in template 0.00
Modifying a chunk of arrays in Numpy Python +1.24
Pandas Col to dict with key, value pair where value is frequency of... 0.00
How to map part of a column value with a dict in pandas? +0.41
Vue data (this.numberOfBars) out of scope in a nested loop 0.00
Create one hot column names based on column values in pandas 0.00
Finding null values in a json record in a dataframe +0.26
Tokenize dataframe column and create new dataframe for result 0.00
How to modify/update an array in numpy without changing original +0.22
Why won't the data from my api render in my Vue template? 0.00
How do you re-render an element in Vue 3 after using localStorage? 0.00
Pandas explode creates row with empty cell 0.00
Python: a special 2d array +0.82
How do I delete key/value pair in list of dictionaries pandas env 0.00
Create list of lists from Groupedby dataframe in Pandas +0.23
np.where to check on True for 1st column then on another -3.15
Unpivot df columns to multiple columns and rows +0.80
Using pct_change on grouped multiindex dataframe with a datestamp 0.00
Most efficient way to alter dataframe rows given a set condition -0.27
vue3 reactive unexpected behaviour -1.14
Python Pandas Extract word from column that contains String with Re... -2.10
Make rowspan be 2 if index of v-for is different than 2 values 0.00
Value returned from setup is not reactive 0.00
Split and column and merge with another column while concatenating... 0.00
Converting series from pandas to pyspark: need to use "groupby... +1.07
How to reshape an array with numpy like this: +0.22
Interleaving last axis of n-d numpy arrays 0.00
how to show the initial array after concatenating and sorting 0.00
Pandas read data row by row 0.00
Pandas Groupby: conditional statements within function definition 0.00
How can I specify that the elements of an array can only be numbers... 0.00
Trying to use apply to make operations over different keys in a Pan... -0.10
how count in pyspark? +0.20
How do I extract mixed elements from a long list in pandas/ python -0.87
Style is not applied on HTML element 0.00
Pyspark group by and count data with condition +1.04
How to make a simple countdown in Vue3? 0.00
How to find first non null value in a typescript array? +0.70
In Pandas dataframe remove duplicate strings in a list column and r... -1.50
Python pandas: Sum first n rows of grouped values x -0.52
Python, Pandas: Find first row-index with exact condition -2.28
How to get input data in a Vue form? 0.00
Vue - how can i update the default value of an input text field? 0.00
initial `reactive ` value to null 0.00
Vue failing to resolve components in a very irregular way 0.00
I am trying to build a summary data frame using totals from another... 0.00
How do I return the sum of the three largest elements in an array? -0.25
How to sort multiple columns in Python? +1.11