An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1566.91 (4,459th)
1,379 (117,480th)
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Title Δ
create a hash of occurrences in an array with map -2.18
Perl converting formatting date to y-m-d H:M -2.10
How do I refactor a recursion occurring in a for loop to make it a... -0.84
What's the size of a HMACSHA2 hash in Crypt::PBKDF2 in Perl? 0.00
Why am I required to explicitly refer to a property in order to mod... 0.00
Adding Array to Hash of Arrays without Reference +2.82
perl command line one liner to do find/replace, but *not* print lin... +3.20
Which regex tag to use in a Mechanize function? +4.80
perl : how to sort lines in a file depending on the second field an... +3.29
how to select elements from one array to another with grep in perl? +3.19
Transliteration with U option and capitalized option characters 0.00
Strip all comment from perl file using perl / PPR 0.00
Are environment variables preserved through qx in a perl script 0.00
how to manage myself SIGINT and SIGTERM signals? 0.00
Mojolicious Lite Plugin "Log::Any" missing 0.00
To parse multiple files in Perl 0.00
Why does Perl sometimes recycle references? -1.87
Can somebody explain this obfuscated perl regexp script? 0.00
Declaring sets of anonymous arrays in perl 0.00
Passing arrays to getopt in Perl 0.00
perl substitute numbers to alphabet,used with for +3.38
How to fix Usage error in strftime in Perl script +3.45
Xpath get element name +4.67
The difference between " and ' in Perl -0.79
perl dbi prepare with variable table column name 0.00
Unexpected character when running one-liner on Windows 0.00
perl: print to console all the matched pattern -0.41
Check if part of a string is present in keys of hash table -4.11
Perl switch/case Fails on Literal Regex String Containing Non-Captu... +3.69
Why including a fork() call creates more loops +2.24
Undef values from CSV file giving undesirable result 0.00
Appending 0 before binary number based on a value in a variable +3.42
Perl: How to pass IPC::Open3 redirected STDOUT/STDERR fhs +3.58
Perl regex one line file -1.20
Writing to a file inside if statement not working in Perl +5.08
Use of uninitialised value $d in division {/} at 0.00
How do you rotate a single layer of a matrix by n places? -0.45
Subroutine not returning correct integer 0.00
Keeping a count while reading a file line by line +4.81
Find a string with space and without space from the INI file +0.37
Encrypt file in Perl 0.00
perl: add to a path using substitution +0.97
Perl - Combine multiple regexps without renumbering? +4.63
Unexpected output with arrays 0.00
Perl errors: Can't use string (" ") as a HASH ref whi... 0.00
Extract the numbers at the end from a file name using perl -0.23
edit file contents in perl +5.02
How to use global variable in perl? 0.00
Extracting specific values from a Perl regex +4.03
How can I use a string variable that contains square brackets insid... -1.30