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Jon Galloway

1594.62 (2,037th)
40,509 (2,739th)
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Title Δ
Show DeveloperExceptionPage in production but for 'Remote Only&... -0.13
Extending Visual Studio 2012 HTML IntelliSense 0.00
0x80070002 error when creating new ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application in... 0.00
MVC 4 SImpleMembership with LDAP 0.00
Why does ASP.NET MVC 4 have so many NuGet packages and which are tr... +0.55 MVC - Output from multiple sources +0.36
showing the desktop version for tablet computers 0.00
MVC 3 Cookies not working 0.00
Unloading parts of a web.config file from a child application +0.85 mvc multiple connection strings -1.33
HTTP handler vs HTTP module +0.36
Need help with ReturnUrl in MVC 3 LoginPage +0.88
adding HTTP module for IP logging +0.34
How do I integrate Membership tables with Entity Framework? +0.36
RequiredAttribute with AllowEmptyString=true in ASP.NET MVC 3 unobt... 0.00
ASP.NET MVC3 database deployment +1.55
Aspx to Razor syntax converter? +0.73
How EditorFor set ID and Name html attributes on form elements -1.16
@ symbol in JavaScript block +0.37
ASP.NET MVC: Check if binded model was actually passed to action +0.98
How do you build a clientaccesspolicy.xml for this API? -0.36
Using the nupack Package Manager Console to set working folder to s... 0.00
Call Silverlight methods from Javascript by name +0.42
Can you programatically define ASP.NET configuration? -2.37
ASP.NET MVC - Pass Json String to View using ViewData 0.00
HTML Button calling a MVC Controller and Action Method +0.68
How to set height property for SPAN +0.23
Is it possible to use data URIs in video and audio tags? 0.00
Simple MVC routing problem -0.65
ASP.NET MVC Ajax Post executing OnComplete Even If Confirm Fails 0.00
Hosting recommendations for technical screencasts +1.32
How can I know if two rectangles collide in Silverlight 3? 0.00
how to limit access to a silverlight-enabled data service? -0.14
.NET Formatting strings - good practices for commenting? +0.38
Is CSS used anywhere besides web browsers? -1.07
Hosting Silverlight without IIS +0.86
Creating video from WPF/Silverlight animation 0.00
What is Silverlight MediaStreamSource.AudioBufferLength measured in? 0.00
Silverlight and Flash and Javascript cross domain policies -0.22
Reduce XAP Size Setting - What's the Benefit? -0.60
Firefox and Silverlight 0.00
Calling a function in silverlight's code behind from an aspx code b... -2.39
When Does Asp.Net Remove Expired Cache Items? -0.53
Writing a user mode filesystem for windows? +1.00
Silverlight Image Stretch="Uniform" Fail for Portrait Siz... -0.37
URL rewriting in for content management system -0.17
speeding up sending large batch of emails in c# .net -0.64
Why does Blend add [d:LayoutOverrides="Height"] and shoul... 0.00
Sending contained object over RIA Services +0.36
How do I skip the first iteration of an $.each()? -1.66