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1709.80 (113th)
106,537 (664th)
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Title Δ
Does a placeholder in a trailing-return-type override an initial pl... +1.06
How to find an element in a boost::fusion::vector at runtime? 0.00
std::make_shared fails to compile when constructing with parameters... +1.07
Overloads of std::minmax() and std::tie 0.00
C++ : create custom function dispatcher from variadic template +1.52
Data members as lvalue-reference or rvalue-copies 0.00
Augment a class / apply an aspect in pure C++ (C++11) +0.23
Pass template args by const& or && 0.00
Using a std::unordered_set of std::unique_ptr +0.99
How to make a tuple based on some derived types? +0.59
Implementation C++14 make_integer_sequence +0.84
CRTP and overload return type deduction 0.00
Universal references and std::initializer_list +1.17
Does ADL work with named lambdas? +1.47
using std::get<>() in std::for_each -1.28
How viable are the alternatives to C-style arrays? 0.00
g++-4.8.1 thinks that an explicitly-declared destructor with no exc... 0.00
How to get type of a function by its name/pointer at compile-time f... -1.53
C++11 variadic templates: return tuple from variable list of vectors +1.30
derive class from a tuple -1.61
const type to const alias in C++11 0.00
`*this` outside member function body? -1.98
Do we need to prefix member arguments of nested type with "::&... 0.00
How does template argument deduction work in this case? 0.00
returning a lambda without std::function 0.00
"Member is private" although I don't access it from outsi... +0.23
C++11 typelist unroller and proxy caller of static functions -1.13
Is there a new function type expression format in C++11? +0.22
Skip earlier implicit template parameter, but not later, in a templ... 0.00
Understanding std::function and std::bind +1.55
Overriding return type in function template specialization +1.72
How to reverse the order of arguments of a variadic template functi... -1.41
How to get a type from type_info for template parameters +0.90
Can you forward-declare a namespace alias in C++? +0.80
How to generalize an iterator to a certain type -0.67
Binding function arguments in C++11 +1.59
Why does std::result_of take an (unrelated) function type as a type... +0.81
Rare bug with variadic templates? +0.29
How do I generate recursive data structures on variadic templates? +2.00
Is anybody using monadic bind-style programming with Expected<T&... +0.23
How to overload free function for member type of template 0.00
using SFINAE to change function called in a class depending on type... -0.51
Call lambda without binding it to an identifier -0.22
C++11 type of (signed + unsigned)? 0.00
Call function, if there is, ignore otherwise +1.71
Can an object know its own constness? -0.27
What is exactly the "immediate context" mentioned in the... -2.79
How do I get a const_iterator using auto? -0.35
Detecting constexpr with SFINAE 0.00
There seems to be a contradiction in the book "C++ Templates -... +0.24