An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1499.59 (3,675,783rd)
955 (159,414th)
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Title Δ
Matching user input against a string array in java? -0.02
Rounding to the nearest hundered-thousandths -0.01
Nested loop to produce specific output +3.53
How To Get All UUID's Logged In From A Single IP (MySQL Databas... 0.00
Printing a List<Player> in Spigot 1.12.2 +4.10
In order to delete a particular column in table? Which one I use 0.00
Manipulate php array? -3.91
Convert List<String> of uuids to player names spigot java +4.09
How to get Block position from BlockEvent in Minecraft - Spigot 0.00
Error Abnormal plugin type 0.00
Run Minecraft Launcher through a Java Program in a different direct... 0.00
Code is not printing anything +0.08
Why would I ever call a constructor from another one(Java)? +0.13
Java Classes Extend and Inheritance +0.08
TextField only accept numeric and store in ArrayList<Double> -3.80
How to replace a substring with ( from a string +4.20
Java putting common methods inside superclass -2.50
adding elements of one array to another at a particular place in java +2.63
how to Receive UDP packets, when it comes from server? for android... +2.20
synchronization not working after making object synchronized -4.03
Use Variable Which is in main method in Another Method -3.21
JFileChooser problems with selection of folders 0.00
How can I format a String number without round off? +4.41
How to set the Radio Button based on the value fetched from the dat... 0.00
replaceAll Dangling metacharacter +2.42
What is the meaning of ./../ Path in java? -2.64
Why can't my 2nd If then statement match? +2.12
What's the meaning of this expression in Java? +4.11
Runtime.getruntime.exec("cls/clear"); not working in Wind... 0.00
How to search a String Backup = True in a text file -1.64
JPanel doesnt allow positioning component -2.03
Get String value from showOptionDialog -4.09
Method to create the sql query? -4.17
Split a string into two based on some special characters in android -0.51
Giving input to Java through a batch file +4.10
Why does Java Specifications want the main method of a program to b... +3.69
JS innerHTML.replace() behavior +3.79
Why is part of my Telnet program throwing an error about misplaced... -2.04
Java Scanner not reading newLine after wrong input in datatype veri... +0.46
Pyramid pattern in Java using for loop +0.11
Trouble Setting up tomcat +4.15
Swapping JTextField contents -3.81
jsp form send data to servlet without changing page -1.07
How to go back to the previous GUI when a button is clicked in Java -2.13
Java opening File Streams in one class and closing/deletion of file... +0.06
how to solve missing expression 0.00
Convert object to Map<String, String> in java +2.78
Why Comparison Of two Integer using == sometimes works and sometime... +0.05
JButton listener not firing -2.94
How to make a save button -3.77