An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1682.19 (229th)
374,653 (79th)
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Title Δ
JQuery iterate through multiple items and remove the first child of... -1.19
Passing function object as a parameter to another function +0.86
PHP: Sort key-value array by value of another key-value array 0.00
Why won't it pass the test that it should "return an empty... -0.24
How to construct an object using a variable as the class name? +0.09
Types of random number generators and functions that take them as a... -2.02
Passing value to a function argument +0.26
Why I need to reset a variable? 0.00
Does not writing return statement in void function occupies the sta... +1.17
Javascript - map and callback - returning values are not affected +1.29
How to get key of random chosen object in JavaScript? +0.53
Execute a function inside array +0.66
Why not explicitly initialized readonly autoimplemented property is... +0.81
Namespacing with eval() and include() does not work as expected 0.00
What happens if PHP's session garbage collection takes a long t... 0.00
Javascript regular expressions modifier U +0.60
Should simple collaborater/dependencies be mocked 0.00
jQuery selector : 'starts-with && ends-with' doesnt... +0.30
what is the difference between preg_match and ereg? +0.27
Easing parameter in jQuery function automatically identified? +1.45
Adding a click function to cells in a dynamically created table - J... +1.34
CSS linear opacity -2.64
C++ string. why is the answer showing that string "dog" i... +0.95
Where does file_put_contents write to? +0.26
Scope chain in Javascript and calling nested function within the gl... +0.29
Save Property Expression into Dictionary 0.00
How to check if date is in correct format i.e. yyyy-mmm-dd? -0.40
Setting a 1 second time limit does not stop the script after 1 second +1.94
How would you select the last two instances of multiple sub-categor... +0.26
Should calculations be repeated in if statements? +0.27
How to access elements of array and vector repeatedly in c++? -0.01
Regexp to and from string +0.60
Sort multidimensional array of objects with a variable depth in Jav... -0.69
How do I prevent jQuery calls from console for my SignalR Chat? 0.00
jQuery Selector Between two Attributes values +0.26
Why is this regex hanging with two trailing back-slashes but works... 0.00
PHP: Find Location of Redirected URL 0.00
Atomically file_get_contents + file_put_contents +1.20
PHP Sorting array of arrays based on another user-defined array -0.96
Implement PropertyChanged For navigation properties 0.00
C# find a number common to two or more lists +0.88
Reversing a comparsion function result given it's function poin... 0.00
UTF-8 and mb_check_encoding 0.00
Javascript function fire order when used as callbacks +1.10
How to prevent Url encoding when passing a parameter to method in M... 0.00
Converting int to char with unknown int size -0.21
Slim PUT request empty body 0.00
How do I separate the array value in php because my checkbox field... 0.00
Adding Properties into a List or Collection 0.00
How to quickly cut up and reassemble a C# List? -2.51