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1510.74 (66,160th)
539 (257,380th)
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Title Δ
Trying to create method to access the buttons when pressed on swift? 0.00
how to replace a single variable of multi element NSArray in Swift +0.57
Is it possible to print arguments passed to a swift functions as va... 0.00
What is the motivation for using variables in closures formats? var... +0.18
Scrollview not scrolling / Trying to add view to bottom of content 0.00
Programmed Swift button not displaying correct text? 0.00
How to create conditional questions in a form for an ios app? +1.89
Swiping left to go back in swift 0.00
How do I assign a value to an optional instances property? +0.27
Two Implementations of Geometry Reader, but one isn't working 0.00
Possible error in CGAffineTransform documentation +2.58
Get values from two apis into two different Observable and perform... +0.14
How to add values of two arrays that are different sizes in length? -0.09
Saving a reference to an image in camera roll to recall later in app? -0.51
Subview UIImage disappears on UIImageView -2.12
How do I make the default value 0 with GameKit 0.00
Button doesn’t pass through touches to collection view cell on iOS 14 0.00
Run multiple audio in sequence one by one in loop in swift 0.00
Correctly setting corner radius to Rects drawn with Gore Graphics -0.01
How to change colors of two things with UIColorPickerViewController 0.00
iOS local notification base on day, time frame and number of times? -0.49
How do I reward the user daily? +0.49
How to get all data array after looping in swift? -0.27
Extend an array's length by a value. And then use averages to f... +0.49
I get the error "Thread 1: EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=1, subcode=0x1... 0.00
How to replace a UILabel with a UIView programmatically 0.00
Swift and Firebase Error: Cannot convert value of type 'UITextF... -0.52
How to check if item exist within multiple arrays +0.01
Using a slider to transition between 2 images -0.51
Array is updating before variables are updated in Swift 0.00
How to sync AVPlayer and MTKView 0.00
How to sync AVPlayer and MTKView 0.00
Best way to find time segments in a time frame 0.00
function doesn't return true unless I call it once before I nee... 0.00
How to apply CIFilter on Image Pixel +0.10
How to create a closure signature that passes weak self to inside t... 0.00
How do I pass data to 2 or more ViewControllers during segue 0.00
iOS: How to get pixel data array from CGImage in Swift 0.00
Set thumbnail image for UIActivityViewController with smaller UIImage +0.49
ARKit – Is there a way to know where the object is located in space... 0.00
UIImage obtaining CVPixelBuffer Removes Alpha 0.00
Overlaying image on video reduces video resolution 0.00
How do I use a loop to fill a new array with the same items as lang... 0.00
Appropriately Release Buffers From AVCaptureDataOutputSynchronizerD... 0.00
Play audio from CMSampleBuffer -0.01
Correctly Record Video Using AVCaptureVideoDataOutput 0.00
Cannot utilize code from Cocoapod I created 0.00
CGAffineTransform applying additional rotation 0.00
Detect touch of an SKNode in a ViewController -0.12
Exclude element in array when iterating using map +3.02