An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1717.47 (80th)
265,735 (133rd)
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Title Δ
Memoization of recursive Fibonacci method not faster? -1.94
Role of == operator in Java checking memory address -2.11
Could Kruskal’s algorithm be implemented in this way instead of usi... +1.29
What's wrong with this code-let to compute all subsets? +0.85
a recurrence relation for the number of asterisks in the function 0.00
Worst case time complexity of the following function? -0.28
a way to calculate Nth fibonacci with factorial 0.00
What is the main difference between Free Monoid and Monoid? -1.67
Why does bison have shift/reduce conflict with unambiguous grammar? 0.00
What's the best pathfinding algorithm in complexity? 0.00
Loop Invariants with Breaks 0.00
Time efficiency of running a loop over two comparisons, versus loop... 0.00
Find the edge which is not a part of any possible diameter of a tree 0.00
Amortized Time from Cracking the Coding Interview 0.00
Why is runtime of Fibonacci θ(1.6^N)? -0.94
If a non-deterministic Turing machine runs in f(n) space, then why... 0.00
In Java implementation of Kruskal's algorithm where exactly sho... 0.00
Can you "hack" windows using C-Arrays, or is it somehow s... +0.21
Calculating the largest int less than the base 2 log of N +0.21
Is such a function structure tail recursive? -0.43
C++, passing struct features into function as a parameter +1.10
Why is deletion of an item at end of Dynamic array O(n) time comple... -0.11
sizeof(function) always returns 1.Why? +0.22
How to find the Time Complexity of the following Recurrence Relation? +0.26
Can someone give me an example for longest path problem having a NP... 0.00
std::bind: error: too few arguments to function call, single argume... 0.00
Time complexity of nested for loop +0.70
Algorithm Problem: Find the longest elementary cycle in a directed... +0.22
Use of universal hashing 0.00
Why can’t you use Hash Tables/Dictionaries in Counting Sort algorit... 0.00
Complexity class definition issue 0.00
What is the reason that this pointer to nonstatic member functions... +0.50
Why are interfaces in Java defined with a lowercase "i" (... +0.21
How to handle assignment and variable syntax in an interpreter 0.00
Linear probing huge sequences of keys with unequal hash -2.95
Converting a multiway tree to left-child/right-sibling format? -0.28
How easy is to find a string that leads to conflict in a SLR(1) par... 0.00
Can a follow-follow conflict exist in a grammar? 0.00
How to parse this simple grammar? Is it ambiguous? 0.00
Why I got compile error when trying to use a vector or map to keep... 0.00
Calculating Runtime +0.21
Can you for loop completely through a range, but starting from the... -1.18
Finding overall shortest path on dense graph 0.00
binary search (Recursive implementation) -0.29
Minimum number of coin moves required to make number of coins in ea... -0.91
Which of the following 2 is THEORETICALLY faster -2.53
Proof the longest path is NP-Hard with negative edge weights 0.00
Two stacks with a deque, what's the purpose of implementing it? -0.01
Johnson's algorithm negative edges - distances matrix 0.00
Dijkstra's Algorithm pseudocode "U" symbol 0.00