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1644.47 (646th)
171,955 (299th)
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Title Δ
How can I parse json with a dictionary in swift? +0.92
How do I iterate through the JSON structure to access the first dat... 0.00
Filtering objects by multiple keywords in Swift 0.00
SwipeCellKit: Why removing an item from list, doesn't update th... 0.00
Setting multiple properties of a UIView (or object) with less semi... -0.62
Passing value from collectionView to new VC - Property initializers... 0.00
User's document directory returning nil with FileManager -0.20
Swift 4 to Swift 5 by applying the recommended changes 0.00
How to retieve data for 2 different section in UICollectionView usi... 0.00
Iterate in tree 0.00
Trouble implementing Swift Result<Success, Error> in API requ... 0.00
Function that returns the string representation of a value 0.00
Error casting NSFetchRequest<T> to NSFetchRequest<NSFetchR... 0.00
how to replace a single variable of multi element NSArray in Swift +1.46
Coredata Delete Parent record when there is no children in swift 5 0.00
How to pass data from UITableViewCell to a class which inheritances... 0.00
How to add data from API call to tableviewcell in Swift 0.00
Sorting URLs with FetchRequest crashes when new content is saved +1.74
Applescript Expected “"” but found end of script 0.00
Simple Applescript - Quicktime Issue Play Song -0.27
How to store the parsed data in the array? -0.69
valueNotFound Error when getting back an API call into JSON 0.00
Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value even thou... -1.22
How to solve this closure completion handler issue? +1.36
Decode JSON with variables in Swift 0.00
Firebase & Swift: Array does not insert correctly 0.00
Why Is It That My Object Gets Added 6 Times? 0.00
How Do I Send a Dictionary to a Client using Vapor Websockets -0.65
Label.text Error! - Unexpectedly found nil while implicitly unwrapp... 0.00
How to validate the in-time and out-time swift 0.00
How to colour individual rows in Cell-Based NSTableVew in Swift 5 0.00
xcode showing error - 'appendingPathComponent' is unavailab... 0.00
Json String conversion +0.29
Swift Json decoding nested array / dictionary to flat model 0.00
Swift - Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type... 0.00
Sending Data to server in JSON format Swift +1.50
How to remove first word from a sentence in swift -0.87
How to fill Dictionary dynamically 0.00
Single object might have multiple types - decoding +2.09
Could not cast value of type '__NSDictionaryI' to 'NSDa... 0.00
How search in Array with similar data? Swift +0.31
Problems saving data to UserDefaults 0.00
How do I fix error: Thread 1: Fatal error: Index out of range"? 0.00
AppleScript: execute script on selected folder 0.00
How to get system time in formatted style swift? 0.00
How to add an array elements in swift? +0.30
What is the minimum version of macos Apple support? 0.00
If functions not working in AppleScript when used with lists 0.00
Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type, not &#... -0.47
Having trouble appending value from JSON Parsing to array in Swift 0.00