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David Heffernan

1671.97 (305th)
558,912 (36th)
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Title Δ
Can you check if Exit() was called 0.00
Calling dll with *char, use PAnsiChar or AnsiString in Delphi? 0.00
Delphi try..finally exit behavior change between versions 10.1 and... 0.00
Why can't c# get the correct parameter value from unmanaged dll 0.00
Winapi.ShLwApi.StrFormatByteSize64 treats my app as a DLL 0.00
Other Ways to Check if String is a Regular Expression 0.00
How to initialize constant array of generic record in Delphi 0.00
System.EntryPointNotFoundException when calling function from DLL 0.00
How to copy a DWord Size Data from a array of Byte and conver to DW... -1.92
How can I create a dictionary with a custom Equality comparer? -2.55
Delphi reference to procedure weirdness 0.00
How to put exception handled code in a Delphi exception handler? 0.00
How to get TRTTIType for method linked generic type 0.00
Delphi Accessing properties of an interface as a generic type 0.00
Pointer math in C vs pointer math in Delphi 0.00
IS this declaration good: TDictionary<TPair<int32, int64>,... 0.00
Is Delphi's InputBox modal? ie should it wait for input? 0.00
LoadLibrary returns 126 when loading a dll in runtime -0.73
Is there a Linux equivalent for Windows "SetEnvironmentVariabl... 0.00
Ctypes __readgsqword 0.00
Marshalling ByValTStr as UTF8 0.00
How to change the pointer address of a Tobject variable? +0.01
How get correct total number of elements of a PByteArray? 0.00
No overloaded version with these arguments - var param with read/wr... 0.00
Random not properly working inside a loop 0.00
Delphi Form and Generics 0.00
What is the correct way to copy the dictionary? 0.00
converting assembler function in Delphi which runs on windows to de... +1.46
TBitmap32 as a function argument in a DLL +0.60
TObjectList and destructor custom class 0.00
tinyfiledialogs how to save file in russian naming folder -0.24
Examine an EXE to determine whether it is a user executable or a sy... -0.51
Creating dialog templates in memory on 64-bit architectures 0.00
How to use move on 2-Dimension Dynamic Arrays of integer/real? 0.00
How to use MOVE for dynamic arrays with a record as an element and... +1.41
in Delphi, what is the benefit of setting owner as Application inst... 0.00
Adding Append method to the generic TArray type 0.00
How to use ReadFile() in c++ to read bytes of length that are not m... 0.00
TStringList is not passing value +2.02
Why does generic TArray Create syntax differs from other class func... -0.48
System.DllNotFoundException in .NET Core application +1.11
Change Objects Attributes with a loop (Delphi 2010) 0.00
Calling a Delphi Function from .Net 0.00
Generics and Pointers 0.00
Linking an unknown dll 0.00
Adding non class functions to generic TArray class 0.00
How to pass a pointer to a list of handles to the UpdateProcThreadA... 0.00
Delphi enumeration individual underlying type as Byte, Word etc wit... 0.00
Is there some advantage in passing a Char parameter as "const&... 0.00
Function to load PNG Image from ResourceStream returns nothing 0.00