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David Heffernan

1674.11 (269th)
528,009 (32nd)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use quotation marks for FindFirstFile() function? 0.00
C# delegate callback with params cause AccessViolation when calling... 0.00
How can I close a form from another form? 0.00
How to remove TOPMOST attribute from a window 0.00
Wildcards and IShellFolder enumeration? 0.00
Delphi6 Application throwing "Runtime Error 217" 0.00
How to pass a widestring variable from Delphi to VB as string 0.00
Why is the code in the thread executed twice? 0.00
getenv("APPDATA") returns incorrect values if current use... 0.00
How to pass a TComparer<T> class to a generic type in Delphi? 0.00
Is it mandatory to check FileExists() before DeleteFile()? 0.00
Class or record (<T>) 0.00
Delphi: fast stream to sha256 for large file (100 MB) 0.00
how to convert 3 bytes in little endian order to a floating number... 0.00
win32api.GetAsyncKeyState(0x01) returns -32768 instead of 1 when pr... 0.00
How to convert array of Byte to PByte in Delphi? 0.00
In the integrated debugger is there an implicit variable for except... 0.00
How to p/Invoke a c++ executable into C# 0.00
Function NetShareGetInfo return always 2310 (This share doesn't... 0.00
Oracle External Procedures with Delphi DLL 0.00
Using Delphi's message keyword handler syntax with variable con... 0.00
Delphi: calculate Rect height needed for a wordwrapped text 0.00
How to get method address of a generic class method? 0.00
Delphi call a function in anonymous thread? 0.00
C# dllimport problem with passing a float 0.00
Is it possible to obtain the _raw_/_unprocessed_ command line? 0.00
TaskDialogIndirect: how to set multi-line buttons 0.00
What equivalent in Delphi of pre-increment (++i) in C++ For command? 0.00
Delphi 10.x "Cannot resolve unit name" for newly installe... 0.00
Object.Create(nil) not necessary? 0.00
How make a simply send/receive of integer value using native WinSoc... 0.00
Decoding and comparing JSON with accented char 0.00
Check free object instance 0.00
FindFirstFileW wildcard match 0.00
I imported a type library ( .tlb ) into Delphi and a function param... 0.00
Suppress Application not responding message 0.00
Pointer of ^Pchar to array of PChar 0.00
How to save pointers to interface methods? 0.00
Error 105 when creating and writing to text file 0.00
First Delphi IDE that supports 64-bit development 0.00
Why I can't pass 'Child' class instance when switching... +1.38
How to call a Generic procedure recursively with delphi and RTTI? -2.22
Convert TByteDynArray to string 0.00
Using Powers in Pascal +0.82
P/Invoke definition for RtlCrc32 and RtlCrc64 functions? 0.00
How to create a window in secondary monitor in win10 app -0.42
How to get the complementary values for a Delphi sets type variable? 0.00
Delphi error with generics and interfaces 0.00
How to "WINAPI::GetLastError" in QT application? -2.12
Delphi strToint64 initial with zero value 0.00