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David Heffernan

1674.99 (281st)
593,424 (40th)
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Title Δ
Do comments in Delphi slow down execution time? 0.00
Win32 GetSaveFileName() return is nonzero but file isnt saved? 0.00
How to protect a fragment of code from auto-formatting CTRL+D in de... 0.00
Delphi and MSVC do not compare +NAN with zero the same way 0.00
Swap strings without reference counting 0.00
The results from DLL in Delphi where the parameters are PAnsiChar 0.00
Interfaces and overload directive 0.00
About Delphi / Generic / array's : why this doesn't compile? +0.27
Must inherited be called on the first line? 0.00
Delphi's Round() appears to be non-deterministic 0.00
Object or class type required in delphi7 0.00
Difference between char(x) in delphi and (char)x in C# +1.09
Timer is lagging in the UI 0.00
PInvoke struct with nested struct array 0.00
RegisterHotKey() causes error 1459 (This operation requires an inte... 0.00
Passing records: constref vs var 0.00
CreateWindow doesn't exist in user32.dll any more +1.38
Delphi create letters with for loop 0.00
What parameter should be passed for pointers char* in c#? +0.27
Can GetFileAttributesW handle url-encoded spaces (%20) in file paths? 0.00
Delphi TCriticalSection Acquire vs Enter - what is the difference? 0.00
Can you check if Exit() was called 0.00
Calling dll with *char, use PAnsiChar or AnsiString in Delphi? 0.00
Delphi try..finally exit behavior change between versions 10.1 and... 0.00
Why can't c# get the correct parameter value from unmanaged dll 0.00
Winapi.ShLwApi.StrFormatByteSize64 treats my app as a DLL 0.00
Other Ways to Check if String is a Regular Expression 0.00
How to initialize constant array of generic record in Delphi 0.00
System.EntryPointNotFoundException when calling function from DLL 0.00
How to copy a DWord Size Data from a array of Byte and conver to DW... -1.92
How can I create a dictionary with a custom Equality comparer? -2.55
Delphi reference to procedure weirdness 0.00
How to put exception handled code in a Delphi exception handler? 0.00
How to get TRTTIType for method linked generic type 0.00
Delphi Accessing properties of an interface as a generic type 0.00
Pointer math in C vs pointer math in Delphi 0.00
IS this declaration good: TDictionary<TPair<int32, int64>,... 0.00
Is Delphi's InputBox modal? ie should it wait for input? 0.00
LoadLibrary returns 126 when loading a dll in runtime -0.73
Is there a Linux equivalent for Windows "SetEnvironmentVariabl... 0.00
Ctypes __readgsqword 0.00
Marshalling ByValTStr as UTF8 0.00
How to change the pointer address of a Tobject variable? +0.01
How get correct total number of elements of a PByteArray? 0.00
No overloaded version with these arguments - var param with read/wr... 0.00
Random not properly working inside a loop 0.00
Delphi Form and Generics 0.00
What is the correct way to copy the dictionary? 0.00
converting assembler function in Delphi which runs on windows to de... +1.46
TBitmap32 as a function argument in a DLL +0.60