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David Heffernan

1677.75 (250th)
536,663 (34th)
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Title Δ
TSaveDialog and 2 formats with same extension 0.00
Does SetString have two version for AnsiString and UnicodeString ac... 0.00
How to select five random non-repeating buttons and copy them to pa... 0.00
changing QueryInterface from stdcall to register 0.00
Always on top like task manager +2.01
How to distinguish between an Argumentless Call and a Function Refe... +2.03
Must class constructor variables be assigned to private class varia... 0.00
Can I VirtualAlloc a writeable "throw-away" garbage range? 0.00
delphi read from TMemorystream without position change 0.00
EReadError - Invalid property value when I try to create Delphi unit 0.00
Exception "Unable to insert a line" TComboBox with CharCa... 0.00
How to assign (display) Unicode UTF-32 (Miscellaneous Symbols and P... 0.00
C WIN32 close std handle or not -3.12
Delphi: String[255] in 32-bit vs 64-bit 0.00
Variable initialization in Delphi 10 Rio 0.00
How to find if a word has standard ASCII characters? +0.26
From COM Pointer to Record / How to do a Delphi version of (dotNet&... 0.00
How to create forms via thread to make application startup fast 0.00
Suspicious typecast of RawByteString to PWideChar +1.65
Correct declaration of DWord in VBA 0.00
Why property value is not kept in object after creation? 0.00
Converting delphi statement to c# -0.82
Checking an unassigned Boolean local variable always returns True? -0.44
How to run EXE With admin privileges -2.32
How to assign an overloaded class method to anonymous method? 0.00
Check, if dialog window "locks" main window 0.00
Python- GetProcAddress using ctypes returns NULL +1.21
Why static is needed in the one case and is not mandatory in anothe... 0.00
Unicode string not working with void in P/Invoke 0.00
is there a way to know the type of parent window (frame or dialog-b... -1.04
Operation with Psingle type in Delphi Xe works fine, but not in Del... 0.00
Supplier's DLL is is stated. Need to "instantiate" Dl... 0.00
Send Perform Message with Record 0.00
Can't check if class has been created 0.00
Delphi XE2: How to make properties settable at design time? 0.00
Incorrectly Aligned Field 0.00
How to free a Delphi PByte passed to C#? 0.00
Which DLL has PathCchAppend? 0.00
How to get the main thread of a console app to be MTA? 0.00
Where can I find Delphi´s component editor for TPopupMenu and... 0.00
confusing Inheritance using RTTI +1.65
Delphi Roundto and FormatFloat Inconsistency +1.51
Continuing the 'for' where you left off 0.00
Why is message pumping with GetMessage in DLL needed for Python but... 0.00
How to correct encode a string to UTF8 in delphi10? 0.00
define generic TObjectList<T> that type T is determine at run... 0.00
System.AccessViolationException when calling function from unmanage... 0.00
How does Windows accumulate WM_TIMER messages? 0.00
Why GetCaretPos returns different from GetTextExtentPoint32 for a r... +0.27
How can I enable source file dropping in Delphi 10.3 0.00