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David Heffernan

1677.75 (250th)
536,663 (34th)
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How to terminate processes by name, but not the current process? 0.00
Accessing the first byte AFTER a Delphi record, class etc. from ass... 0.00
SetupVerifyInfFile - The parameter is incorrect. How to use C# pinv... 0.00
TScreen->Forms Shows Unexpected Extra Forms 0.00
Assigning to fields in array property in delphi 0.00
How PixelsPerInch works in Delphi 10.3 Rio? 0.00
Is there any event for shapes? 0.00
How to store a form's design settings? 0.00
Delphi 7 opendialog has garbage in filename when used in Windows 10 0.00
DELPHI - Is there a way to free an object created at runtime withou... 0.00
Quit program completely from a Pascal procedure 0.00
Passing inherited frames as argument to a procedure 0.00
Java read memory of other process with JNA 0.00
Delphi property getter function using generics 0.00
Do I have to worry about integer values assigned to TList become in... 0.00
How to extend an enumeration type? 0.00
Why does code continue after calling TImage.Picture.LoadFromFile? 0.00
Is MS office 64 bit compatible with Delphi 6 applications? 0.00
How to convert integer whole value to 3 digit dot seperated string 0.00
Delphi XE6 crashes while installing bpl 0.00
Reading HTML content from Clipboard in Delphi 0.00
Can I run a Delphi EXE from inside the IDE without recompiling it? 0.00
Operator IS with a TFormClass 0.00
Why I get incorrect value when I assign number to Double or Extende... 0.00
Dll is missing right after publishing it. .net WinForms 0.00
Would like to use System.Zip.TZipFile in Delphi XE7 but can not fin... 0.00
How can I get the current directory with correct spelling? 0.00
How to fix 'Method's type is not PInvoke Compatible' 0.00
TSaveDialog and 2 formats with same extension 0.00
Does SetString have two version for AnsiString and UnicodeString ac... 0.00
How to select five random non-repeating buttons and copy them to pa... 0.00
Changing QueryInterface from stdcall to register 0.00
Always on top like task manager +2.01
How to distinguish between an Argumentless Call and a Function Refe... +2.03
Must class constructor variables be assigned to private class varia... 0.00
Can I VirtualAlloc a writeable "throw-away" garbage range? 0.00
delphi read from TMemorystream without position change 0.00
EReadError - Invalid property value when I try to create Delphi unit 0.00
Exception "Unable to insert a line" TComboBox with CharCa... 0.00
How to assign (display) Unicode UTF-32 (Miscellaneous Symbols and P... 0.00
C WIN32 close std handle or not -3.12
Delphi: String[255] in 32-bit vs 64-bit 0.00
Variable initialization in Delphi 10 Rio 0.00
How to find if a word has standard ASCII characters? +0.26
From COM Pointer to Record / How to do a Delphi version of (dotNet&... 0.00
How to create forms via thread to make application startup fast 0.00
Suspicious typecast of RawByteString to PWideChar +1.65
Correct declaration of DWord in VBA 0.00
Why property value is not kept in object after creation? 0.00
Converting delphi statement to c# -0.82