An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1485.99 (4,211,720th)
2,229 (75,069th)
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Title Δ
How do I load a list of json objects from a .txt file? 0.00
Is there a python function (preferably seaborn) that can help me co... +0.50
How do I print in multiple QLabel when I click the PushButton? 0.00
How to update values in nested dictionary if keys are in a list? -0.84
How to select element from drop-down menu via selenium and python? +4.17
Understanding Les Miserables Co-occurrence data 0.00
Install python package in docker file -1.91
D3 canvas force directed layout bottom issue 0.00
Disable CSS and image in Selenium Chromedriver, Python 0.00
Meaning of the spatialite scheme generated by the spatialite_osm_ma... 0.00
Why does Jupyter Notebook "forget" Cython from one cell t... 0.00
Python - Select an option from a list in Selenium 0.00
Elegant way for passing different number of arguments in a conditio... -1.71
JSON irregular data to R dataframe 0.00
How to use cython compiler in python 0.00
Using pip freeze > requirements.txt will copy the libraries spec... 0.00
Identify intersecting polygons in single GeoJSON file with geopandas 0.00
Tool tip on a d3.js (v3) line chart 0.00
If keys of two dictionaries are equal, perform operation using both... -2.56
D3 Line Generator Handling Multiple Arrays -3.08
writeOGR error: creation of output file failed +0.10
Javascript sorting input values into an array +4.15
Plotting a choropleth map (with geopandas) using a user_defined cla... 0.00
Compiling an optional cython extension only when possible in +3.91
How do I count how many times element in a list are an exact match... +0.15
Static Bootstrap Navbar creates white space above it +0.11
ZeroMQ: load balance many workers and one master 0.00
use asyncio update some data timely and present via aiohttp? 0.00
Armadillo projection in D3 0.00
Turn pandas series to series of lists or numpy array to array of li... +1.76
How to compile cython module for multiple platforms on windows? 0.00
Cython standalone executable on ubuntu 0.00
Create new shapely polygon by subtracting the intersection with ano... 0.00
standard coordinates in d3.js 0.00
Call Python script from bash with merely the script name? -3.66
Creating NaN values in Pandas (instead of Numpy) -0.10
Splitting a large Pandas Dataframe with minimal memory footprint -2.08
How to run async process from handler in aiohttp 0.00
rpy2: how to convert str vector into numeric vector +0.18
Multiprocess in python uses only one process 0.00
Scipy cKDTree nearest neighbor including zeros distance 0.00
How to see cluster member in mean shift 0.00
Accentuation in python: structure and for loop 0.00
How can I import a str with a list of dicts into a pandas dataframe? 0.00
How to change the line color in seaborn lmplot 0.00
How to store a a number and save it to a list only if a line comes... 0.00
Pratical data science cookbook code python 0.00
Join two pandas dataframes based on line order -3.58
How can I use a string in a loop to be used in a dataframe command?... 0.00
Labeling stacked histogram bins with frequency of only one of the s... 0.00