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1559.38 (5,594th)
198,147 (240th)
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Title Δ
cannot open database "dataBaseName" requested by the login -0.59
How to use value from RETURNING id as parameter in other function -... -0.59
Is there a way to verify a table with rules against a log table? -2.05
error when inserting timestamp with milliseconds 0.00
Why this table join type in the sql is ALL´╝č 0.00
Table with all possible combinations from AA to ZZ -0.24
Why I am not getting my postgres user table data, while other table... 0.00
SQL Count occurrences of multiple columns +0.35
Pivot the result of SPLIT_STRING? -1.74
join query within same table +0.65
JSONB subset of array +0.24
How to ROUND double precision type values? -0.01
How to create Merge SQL when with duplicated data 0.00
Set more than one variable value in case statement in sql -0.18
to convert list to integer and store it in csv file using python +0.41
Does autocommit in postgresql mean you cannot have transaction bloc... -1.56
Convert Integer field Date time to Date Time -0.62
Equivalent of Informix GLOBAL modifier in PostgreSQL 0.00
How to convert XML data with attributes to SQL Row 0.00
How to use Count with Case When? +0.42
postgresql: is it possible to run an operation that returns rows wi... 0.00
How to calculate formula field to other column in SQL Server -0.09
How to join tables with non-equal condition? -1.03
What is the default key constraint in Mysql or what does the "... -1.65
PostgreSQL importing CSV files in two phases with a single script (... 0.00
PostgreSQL: Not null violation: 7 ERROR: null value in column "... 0.00
SQL Server DateTime specific format shown below +0.37
Trailing 6 months value -0.04
Combine 3 queries to one in Informix SQL 0.00
SQL - Insert all dates within range from table into another -0.66
How to create with condition and select? 0.00
Postgres select if another event exists before and after a time range +1.97
Ranking counts using an SQL query -2.12
mysql query on an audit table to get latest row where no delete row... +0.12
Getting this error in sub-query: ORA-00934: group function is not a... -1.57
PostgreSQL single-column table to JSON array 0.00
pg-promise - Error operator does not exist: bigint = bigint[] 0.00
T-SQL count in time interval and find the highest frequency +2.03
Comparison operator is not working in MySQL query +1.58
INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint (Inserting in... 0.00
Calculating consumption is returning zero -1.98
Run restore on working database. What happens? 0.00
multi sql select statement -0.86
SQL multiple tables one condition is inappropriate +1.53
Query to return the lowest SUM of values over X consecutive days +1.25
Postgres: Count number of users actions within time interval +1.81
Create a list of objects in plsql - postgresql +2.04
How to insert bulk data without changing order of item into table u... +1.88
Select with column that no in the group by SQL Server -1.80
SQL ISDATE returns false for string formatted as ISO w/timezone (127) 0.00