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Rating Stats for

Claes Wikner

1350.69 (4,280,004th)
1,118 (139,412th)
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Title Δ
Replace a specific character at any word's begin and end in bash 0.00
Write a shell script to replace phone number from a file 0.00
How to cut a string till first numerical value appears using regex 0.00
Remove unknown special characters from file 0.00
SED or AWK command that print the value between two patterns 0.00
exclude data from latest / to the end of row 0.00
How to reverse order of columns in tabular data using bash -1.15
How to print keys from all key-value pairs +0.31
Removing all the characters from a string after pattern+2 +1.14
how to proper do a string concatenation in awk -0.52
How can I cut a string in a file after a given pattern? -1.00
Replace substring of a string of characters with other characters i... +0.01
Remove all local bookmarks from Mercurial repo +1.15
Grep a text file recursively to filter absolute paths -0.11
Delete rows when no data is present in column 28 using bash (awk/sed) +0.20
Awk : recovery line with condition -0.02
How to extract a string between two characters? -0.09
I need delete two " " with sed command +0.47
Using sed, insert a space at the 3rd last index of each line -0.61
Get only numbers in output -0.09
how to remove columns except the last one? +0.37
extract string between '$$' characters - $$extractabc$$ +0.66
To find ";" then delete spaces up to next character +1.95
Why does if condition print zero value for non-zero condition? -0.50
Uppercase return for total -0.85
Split and Process text file in sh +0.19
Bash Script to seperate a line contains "^A" -0.61
In a CSV file I want to cut first 5 character out of 10 character f... +0.29
Remove comma from quoted text in first column of a csv with sed -0.51
Get JSON value from column +1.27
Displaying each field separated line in reverse order of fields +1.80
If line starts with a specific string, print only the ip addresses... -0.49
What is the best way to do this string transformation in shell? +0.31
Printing only part of next line after matching a pattern +2.14
copy and replace columns of specific lines in a file using shell sc... +0.77
How to remove leading character from a specific column in a pipe de... -0.72
removing bracket value from first and adding some data to second co... +2.37
I want to remove all the brackets value 0.00
How to use sed/awk/grep -0.29
Awk to Add [ ] in special characters -0.04
awk print several substring -0.83
Bash remove anything OUTSIDE quotation marks +0.46
Using sed in Linux to extract lines from a log file +0.08
Replace negative values in UNIX +0.19
How to Split or Slice the text inside a coulmn in CSV file using py... +0.06
isolate similar data from stream +0.21
Replace ^A with space in Linux -0.04
Grep n'th element -0.91
How to correctly use regex group capture with the grep command? -0.45
Lowercasing certain words with awk -1.14