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Rating Stats for

Claes Wikner

1348.51 (4,191,367th)
1,118 (139,325th)
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Title Δ
How to extract a string between two characters? 0.00
I need delete two " " with sed command 0.00
Using sed, insert a space at the 3rd last index of each line 0.00
Get only numbers in output 0.00
how to remove columns except the last one? 0.00
extract string between '$$' characters - $$extractabc$$ 0.00
To find ";" then delete spaces up to next character 0.00
Why does if condition print zero value for non-zero condition? 0.00
Uppercase return for total -0.85
Split and Process text file in sh +0.19
Bash Script to seperate a line contains "^A" -0.61
In a CSV file I want to cut first 5 character out of 10 character f... +0.29
Remove comma from quoted text in first column of a csv with sed -0.51
Get JSON value from column +1.27
Displaying each field separated line in reverse order of fields +1.80
If line starts with a specific string, print only the ip addresses... -0.49
What is the best way to do this string transformation in shell? +0.31
Printing only part of next line after matching a pattern +2.14
copy and replace columns of specific lines in a file using shell sc... +0.77
How to remove leading character from a specific column in a pipe de... -0.72
removing bracket value from first and adding some data to second co... +2.37
I want to remove all the brackets value 0.00
How to use sed/awk/grep -0.29
Awk to Add [ ] in special characters -0.04
awk print several substring -0.83
Bash remove anything OUTSIDE quotation marks +0.46
Using sed in Linux to extract lines from a log file +0.08
Replace negative values in UNIX +0.19
How to Split or Slice the text inside a coulmn in CSV file using py... +0.06
isolate similar data from stream +0.21
Replace ^A with space in Linux -0.04
Grep n'th element -0.91
How to correctly use regex group capture with the grep command? -0.45
Lowercasing certain words with awk -1.14
awk to remove lines starting with symbol without keyword in them -0.89
Need grep/awk/gawk to return whole section despite of break lines +0.65
Replace parenthesis and newline, with parenthesis -0.44
Append zeros to list -1.00
How to make awk not to skip empty columns? -1.00
Replace Nth linewise search result +0.52
Deleting the last characters in the specific columns -0.43
sed to replace entire line with a string containing quotes -0.92
Enclose last two fields of a CSV file in quotes +0.23
Search all occurences of string in a text file having mutlithreaded... -1.29
Extract text between 2 markers +0.51
remove ',' from ip list -0.71
Awk/Bash move digits from front of line to end of line -0.84
grep for contents after pattern for word character and comma +0.18
How to replace a comma delimiter in string in csv file Unix - MAC OS +0.80
Replace last 9 delimeters "," with "|" in Unix -1.23