An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Takit Isy

1556.10 (6,382nd)
6,286 (25,874th)
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Title Δ
Force browser to get last version of certain sources (CSS, JS, etc.) 0.00
Apply class to parent UL if child LI contains specific class +0.98
How i can get the fullclassname if i only know a part of it? -1.31
Make a circular overlay on hover image +0.41
Change the font size on the page for selected classes -0.08
Increment input name array index using Jquery -0.25
How does `border-style: double` split the pixels? +0.52
Is there any randomness involved in the algorithm to generate QR co... -0.58
How to apply a:active pseudo class to my CSS code? 0.00
Show absolute positioned child in front of parents sibling 0.00
A couple of issues with drag + drop 0.00
Align text to font awesome icons +1.26
HTML5/CSS3: How Do I Prevent LI Items From Being Pushed To The Righ... +0.43
Generate a random IP address from a subnet in JS -1.05
Scale a div without changing the size and position of its child ele... +0.42
Get checkbox value when clicking the checkbox label and add/remove... -0.15
Foreach loop in css -0.08
Trying to figure it out +0.42
Changing elements in div based on another div click +1.20
Using a variable increment to create new variables in Javascript +0.98
CSS - 100 height in a tablecell -0.08
Why do you have to wrap parenthesis around a number to called toFix... -0.10
Creating a background-image gradient triangle that is horizontally... -1.56
falsy expressions with double equals -1.37
Building html table using php -0.41
Modify javascript forEach result with value from another Array +1.05
Table row height and list row height issue in Chrome when zooming i... -0.09
Merging two cells HTML table -2.35
How to add plus/minus buttons to slider 0.00
Slide down button to show text HTML CSS +0.41
Reorder li items according to a variable/condition +1.03
How to get an attribute of element by jquery +0.44
HTML5 Input Pattern for Telephone Number -0.10
Modal sliding and opening +0.42
Convert comma separate string to Key value object jQuery -0.61
Change color on radio button (default and checked) -0.09
Only highlight currently hovered nested list item +0.28
Overflow-y not working with fr -0.08
HTML - How do I assign a text value to another attribute's value? +2.02
How to enable tab and its content on click of a text in javascript/... -1.46
Why is animating scale and translate with css variable treated diff... 0.00
CSS selector hide and show depending hover effect -0.57
Change a color code to another using JavaScript in browser console +1.15
Change all font awesome 5 icons with a specific class to another FA... +0.41
How to change a property of a CSS class dynamically using javascrip... 0.00
How to filter out special character in javascript -0.30
How to get value of <a> tag in JavaScript -0.08
Center progress-value on progress-bar background +0.42
Accessing multiple elements by getElementsByClassName() with JS -0.65
use css or js highlight text with half height +0.22