An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1567.51 (4,277th)
207,636 (218th)
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Title Δ
Python, external files, sequence, name error 0.00
Python eval does not use locals() where called from nor locals() pa... +0.32
Why does undefined method `-@' for nil:NilClass mean (haml)? 0.00
Returning arrays from methods in Ruby -0.50
What does appending " ' " like a', b' so on m... +0.40
Not using NSMutableArray correctly 0.00
Using the object returned from getObject in NSMutableDictionary -0.35
How can I load a property name from a plist? -0.09
How are identical NSStrings determined in Objective-C? +0.50
Do Swift inner classes have access to self of outer class? 0.00
Convenience intializer in objective-c +1.76
Beginner Objective-C: Extending a class? +1.06
How to use function (writePower:completion:) using Estimote SDK? 0.00
Is there a 'variable_get' method? If not, how can I create... +1.80
ruby: method_missing backtick typo? +0.74
Within an IBAction, "self" refers only to the first insta... -0.33
clojure implicit map explanation -1.85
Passing Range#step multiple arguments +2.06
Ruby: Colon before vs after -0.10
Memory management between ARC and non-ARC frameworks 0.00
Ruby on Rails -- Navigation Properties :o? -0.60
How does the 'prototype' object have access to the newly cr... 0.00
NSDictionary: fail to parse [__NSCFNumber length]: unrecognized sel... +0.86
UIImage with NSData initWithData returns nil +0.17
Swift subclassing - how to override Init() -0.08
Why method created at top-level is mentioned in Object.private_meth... -2.66
Conditionally choosing which function to call 0.00
Pull array from inside a Ruby string +0.28
NSMenu selector in Swift 0.00
Change value of properties inside completion block -0.10
self with two arguments using dot syntax 0.00
Swift syntax for block with completionHandler... in delegate method -2.18
Objective-C: Grant Subclass Private Variable Access +0.40
Trouble with NSTimer in Swift +0.38
Is setting of non-optional ivars demanded in all init methods? +0.04
iOS how to extract command line arguments from string into NSDictio... -0.45
what do "_" and "in" mean in Swift programming... +1.17
A func returning a func in Swift +1.19
How do I append a set to a vector? +1.80
Cocoa: Hide other applications and self 0.00
how to get the type of argument in variable argument using objectiv... 0.00
Why can't I attach a singleton method to another object? 0.00
Parse Objective - C to Swift iOS +0.96
Ternary operators returning "true : false". Why? -1.71
do I have to pay 99 bucks to learn swift? -0.09
Using Predicate in Swift +0.41
swift unrecognized selector for target action pattern +0.42
Checking protocol conformance when using factory methods in Objecti... -0.04
Working with Objective-C blocks with Swift -1.30
Why do some methods work with inject and some won't? 0.00